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Hold on there, Hunch Back of I've-Never-Spoken-To-A-Dame. 

That... thing on your neck. Is that your ear? (regarding Mr. Crocker's appearance)

Seriously, have you ever *talked* to a girl? 

Isn't this fun? I think it's fun.

The more time I spend with you, the more I am beginning to miss being imprisoned in my lamp...

Weird, huh? How could I have tricked you... I mean, you're ten, and I'm 50,000.

This bag.. is made outta smoof, isn't it? Three things I can't excape from: my magic lamp--the charms of Barbra Eden--and smoof stuff!

I change my mind, I like this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it!

Hello... 'Insert human's name here'...

This is just a guess, mind you, but have you forgotten to take any medications today...?

Have you suffered a recent head injury? (said more like a statement than a question)

Well, I'm off to destroy Canada. They've had it too good for too long...

Thanks, Puddin' Pop.

Tell ya what, Fruit Cup, go pick up my dry cleaning, eh...?

But mark my words, Turner, I WILL get you... And you TOO Canada!

AHA-HAHA-HA! This is my evil laugh, I've been working on it for a little bit, whaddya think? A-HAHAH-HAHA!

I can't. You, you gotta make one more wish. And after that, I actually get forcibly sucked back into the lamp. How great is that?

C'mon, you can do it! And by that I mean, you cannot do it!

See, it's THIS kinda thing that screams, 'I live with my mother.'

There's somethin' you coulda wished for! Human-sized teeth.

Great! I'll be over here, waiting for your plan to fail!

Just the way I like my shakes! Spazzed, not stirred.

Lemme guess... You wish all this stuff was gone, you wish your bones weren't broken, and... you're gonna wish for another three more wishes.

C'mon little buddy, say the words! C'mon. C'mon!

I bet that works on the ladies every time...

I'm guessin' you got a big wild social life, don'tcha?

Besides my pizza, what are we waiting for?

What do to when your wand makes that fart noise...

So, what, tracks-for-teeth...

Anyone else have an evil plan go super-great today? No? Just me?

I gotta meet Railroad McBrace-face at the single-wide.

Aw, fez...

This gives me a diabolical idea.. And I like that!

Well, Jimmy McJarhead, I'm hoping to go from filthy genie trapped in a lamp to idiot fairy, not trapped in a lamp!

Aw, fez dispenser!
Norm the Genie