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  • In "The Switch Glitch", Timmy Turner threatens to tell five-year-old Vicky's mother that she stole from her purse. Likewise, in the episode "Homewrecker", Vicky is fearful of her parent's wrath after Timmy trashes her house. However, in all of Nicky's actual appearances, while she is shown to be extremely submissive to her daughter's demands, it seems plausible there was a time that Nicky could actually control her daughter.
  • In "Snow Bound" it is said that she lied to Vicky about her pet turtle by saying that it "ran away" (presumably, it died) when Vicky knew that "turtles can't run". This may be the reason why Vicky and her mother don't get along.
  • She and her husband were originally supposed to appear in Homewrecker (although off-screen and obscured by foreground objects, similar to Timmy's parents in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts), however they were removed and the plot was changed.
  • Much like most of the other parents on the show, Vicky and Tootie's Mom has no given name in the cartoon series, and is credited as "Vicky or Tootie's Mom" (whichever daughter is more prominent in the episode). However, her name was revealed to be Nicky in the video game "Breakin' Da Rules" (PC edition), thus making her one of the very few named parents in the entire series.


"Wow, is it that late already? Its a shame you have to leave.. and.. and.. never come back!"

"It's so nice to finally have eye witnesses to Vicky's cruelness... I mean kindness! KINDNESS!"

(Ten-year-old Nicky, speaking to a time-traveling Timmy Turner)
"Hi, cutie pie! Wanna hold my hand on the way to school?"

"Oh, I know you are [cool]! I'm coming to hold your hand!"

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