Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing
Nicktoons Winners Cup Racing
(also known as Nicktoons Racing 2) is a video game published by ValuSoft and developed by Pronto Games, Inc. for the PC. It is the sequel to 2000's Nicktoons Racing, and all of the characters are from 2005's Nicktoons Unite!.

Each racer has his/her own unique vehicle to drive. There are three levels that have several different modes to complete, including Practice, Grand Prix, and Versus mode. By winning the Grand Prix mode, you'll be able to unlock multiple villains to play against, such as Sheldon J. Plankton, Mr. Crocker, Vlad Plasmius, and Professor Calamitous, or you could open other tracks to drive on, such as challenge levels.

In a race, powerups can be acquired to be used against other racers. Mini-games are available, but players have to unlock them before they can play them.

Playable characters



  • SpongeBob SquarePants and Plankton are the only racers from the previous game

that appear in this game (in the previous game, Plankton was the Mystery Racer; if you crashed into something, his voice could be heard).  

  • Unlike the previous game, this game only represents four shows instead of eight.
  • Just like Nicktoons Unite!, it features four heroes and four villains.
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