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New York Bankees
The Bankees sad that they are losing to the Losers
Organization Information
Chester McBadbat
Type of Organization:
Sports Team
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Foul Balled
Last Appearance:
  Foul Balled

The New York Bankees is a professional baseball team that plays at the Bankee Stadium. They are a parody of the New York Yankees.


The New York Bankees make their one-time appearance in Foul Balled, where they face off against the Dimmsdale Losers, Timmy and Chester's team. After Timmy wished for his friend Chester to be the best baseball player ever, Chester's skill is able to get the Dimmsdale Losers to compete against the professional New York Bankees. At the beginning of the game, Chester completely dominated and crushed the Bankees and became a one-man team, forcing his teammates to sit down on the bench for a majority of the game.

However, after Timmy confronts Chester about him being a hog and a terrible friend, Chester retaliates by saying that they were not friends anymore which cancels Timmy's wish since he wished for his friend to be the greatest baseball player. Eventually, Timmy feels sympathy after seeing Chester's dad Bucky McBadbat cheering for his son, hoping he would bring honor back to his family. Despite Chester's newly-acquired ego, Timmy and the rest of the team decide to help him after seeing him get completely destroyed without the wish activated. In the end, the Dimmsdale Losers still beat the Bankees with the help of teamwork much to the Bankees' anger.

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