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The thought-activated hyperdrive-enabled nebula V battle suit is experimental (and possibly prototype battle suit) that is used by Sprig Speevak in the Crash Nebula Special and used to save Ani from certain death from a Black Hole. He discovered that it's capable and compatible to fit the wearer's body type. He also discovered that it's powered by a Naturally Occurring Sources of Fuel. (which including manure from cows) And also discovered that he has the skills to use the suit with skill, however, he needs practice and wisdom to use it. Which Sprig needs to be tutored by Pam Dromeda to use and control the suit after class much to Pam's dismay.

Powers and Abilities

The suit is thought-activated and it has an assortment of weapons that are also activated by thought. Sprig knew about during Pam Dromeda's gym class and it has hyperdrive to boot.


  • The suit is inspired by the Iron Man Armors from Tony Stark in the Marvel's Iron Man Comics
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