• Mom's voice is provided by Susanne Blakeslee, who also voices Wanda, Mrs. Dinkleberg, Grandma Gladys and many other characters.
  • Mom worked for the CIA, but was actually a double agent for Russia. She speaks Russian.[1]
    • Despite this, she could get another job working for the CIA later in the series.[2]
  • She and her husband originally appeared in the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts as recurring characters, but they had a significantly different character design and their faces were never revealed (similar to Cartoon Network's animated series Cow and Chicken); the top of their heads were sometimes visible, however. In one of the Oh Yeah! Cartoons shorts where they were seen from the back (the episode is titled Party of Three), she had red hair as well.
  • Mom has contact lenses.[3]
  • Despite her neglectfulness, she's not nearly as stupid as her husband and has proven herself to be very intelligent on many occasions.
  • She does not know that the diamond on the ring that her husband gave her on their wedding day is actually made of cubic zirconium (Smart Attack!).
  • In "Invasion of the Dads" and "Fairly OddPet," it is revealed that Mrs. Turner is allergic to cats.
  • In "Beach Blanket Bozos," Mrs. Turner grew facial hair while surfing during the Wish Limbo.
  • Mrs. Turner was a real estate agent in earlier seasons, but since Season 6 onward she is mostly portrayed as a housewife. In "The Old Man and the C-," she made it clear she'd rather make Timmy get a job than have one herself.
  • It has been revealed that she used to be called Barnaby.[4]
  • According to Dimmsdale's Got Talent?, her first name could be Sasha.


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Mrs. Turner

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