• "So boring in hospital."
  • "Welcome please, Mr. Crocker"
  • "If Chip doesn't get here soon, I'm going to punish our child for no reason!"
  • "We'd never forget your birthday, Tommy!"
  • "You know you're not allowed to touch the money, dear!"
  • "Oh, waah. Do you ever stop nagging?"
  • "I've gone ga-ga over Gah!"
  • [Seeing Cosmo disguised as Timmy] "Oh sweetie, you feel warm. And you look positively green!"
  • "I better get the fish a thermometer too!"
  • "Yams! I should show them my yams!"
  • "Everything I touch dies!" (Everyone backs away.)
  • "I use the hideous and clearly dangerous things your father makes me because I love him, and it makes him happy!"
  • "You need to be more secure in your masculinity, like me!"
  • [to Trixie Tang] "Hey, that's a great costume! You look just like a bratty, stuck-up, snotty little rich girl!"
  • "Oh, Internet, breakfast is ready!"
  • Mr. and Mrs. Turner: "Bye, School! Have a nice day at Timmy!"
  • Mom: "That's the seventeenth bath this night, and [Timmy] still smells like... Pheew-alien barf!
    Dad: "I've got some steel wool in the garage!!"
  • Timmy: "As long as my parents don't have to use the bathroom in the next 10 minutes I should be okay."
    [cut to Mom and Dad at dining table]
    Dad: "Hey Honey, wanna challenge me to a water drinking contest?"
    Mom: "Okay, let me just add these chocolate laxatives to my High-Fiber-O's. And for added fun, let's make it prune juice."
    Dad: "PRUNE ME UP, BABY!"
  • Mom: "Was that the Dinkleberg's car?
    Dad: "I hope so, that's what I was aiming for!"
  • Mom: "I punished Timmy by making him eat chocolate, which in retrospect, wasn't such a good punishment after all."
    Dad: "Unless it's that reindeer chocolate, eeeww!"
  • "It's nice to watch next to the well where Alden Bitterroot fell."
  • "Timmy, breakfast is ready."
  • "No, Timmy! You can't have a dog!"
  • "How many of those cough drops have you had, dear?"
Mrs. Turner

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