Mrs. McBadbat

Mrs. McBadbat


Gender: Female
Species: Human
Personal Information
  McBadbat family
  Dimmsdale (possibly)
Bucky McBadbat (husband)
Chester McBadbat (son)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Sleepover and Over (picture)
Last Appearance:
  Fairy Idol

Mrs. McBadbat is the mother of Chester, and spouse of Bucky McBadbat. She has only been shown in a photograph twice.


This woman is Chester's mother and Bucky's wife. She has never made an actual appearance on the show, but a picture of her is shown in Chester's trailer. She was mentioned again in another episode when Chester looses a tooth (thanks to Francis) and Bucky says: "Without that tooth, you look just like yer ma!".

Her fate remains unknown because Chester and his father live alone.


Like her husband, she wears a paper bag over her head, obscuring her identity. She likely did this out of shame of being married to the worst baseball player in history.



Her fate has never been revealed, but she does not seem to live with her son and husband for some reason. Neither Chester nor Bucky refer to her in a past tense, so it is likely that she is still alive, but separated with her family for some reason, likely because her husband was a humiliated terrible ballplayer who lived in scorn.


  • Her fate is never explained on the show, although neither Bucky nor Chester ever refer to her in a past tense, suggesting that she is still alive.
  • It is possible that she left her husband for being the worst baseball player and wears a paper bag over her head because she does not want to be recognized as the wife of Bucky McBadbat.
  • In 2018, Butch Hartman referenced the mother in one of his videos, and even drew her, but on his drawing, she has no bag on her head and she wears more "home" clothes. Butch stated that it would be cool if she appeared in the series one day.

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