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Mrs. Dinkleberg

Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 40's
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  The Dinkleberg's House
Dimmsdale, CA
  Mr. Turner
Mrs. Turner
  Not having kids
Sheldon Dinkleberg (Husband)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  That's Life
Last Appearance:
  A Perfect Nightmare
Voiced by:
Susan Blakeslee

Mrs. Dinkleberg is the wife of Mr. Dinkleberg and next-door neighbor of the Turner family. Her first name is unknown.


Mrs. Dinkleberg is seen in a few episodes accompanying her husband. It’s unknown how or when he met his wife after he originally dumped Mrs. Turner whom he dated in his youth, although she was seen purchasing her home around the same time Timmy Turner was born. Like her husband, her role in the series is quite small, in fact, it may even be smaller than Mr. Dinkleberg's.


She has the same nose and face shape as Mr. Dinkleberg and has red hair. Although Mr. Dinkleberg is known for having everything better than the Turners, his own wife is usually considered more unattractive than Mrs. Turner. Despite being the same age as the Turners, the Dinklebergs have an older appearance. She wears mainly out-of-date clothing, appears to be a little chubby, and seems to have the same interests as Mrs. Turner, which, rather than a friendship, leads to bitter rivalry.


The Dinklebergs (particularly Sheldon Dinkleberg) were introduced as the Turner's (particularly Mr. Turner's) enemy. Eventually, this grew into a full-blown family feud, although this appears to be only one-sided, as the Dinklebergs aren’t aware of the Turners hatred of them, and the Turners' themselves rarely openly show this to the Dinklebergs, instead opting to growl behind their backs or engage against the Dinklebergs in "friendly" competitions (which usually result in much destruction). Little is known about Mrs. Dinkleberg herself, as she has few speaking roles throughout the show. In one scene in "Teeth For Two", Mrs. Turner steals Mrs. Dinkleberg's car because she was starting to feel old, causing Mrs. Dinkleberg to age rapidly.

Mrs. Dinkleberg