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Mr. Tang
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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 48
Birthday: Unknown
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Tang family
Mrs. Tang (wife)
Trixie Tang (daughter)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Information Stupor Highway
Last Appearance:
Voiced by:
Butch Hartman (first appearance)
Carlos Alazraqui
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Mr. Tang is the father of Trixie Tang.


This man is Trixie Tang's father, and therefore presumably one of the richest people in all of Dimmsdale since their house is fancy as well as their clothes. He lives in a mansion with his daughter. Although he has shown some authority as a parent in some episodes, it is likely he cares about his daughter and spoils her, because his entire house is filled with Trixie paintings, statues, and is decorated pink.


He is a very short balding man with glasses and a blue sweater who, like many parents in Dimmsdale, prefers to give his daughter limited privacy, although this is contradicted in a later appearance when he has no problem letting a crazed looking Timmy brandishing gardening tools into his house to visit his daughter at midnight.


He made his first appearance in "Information Stupor Highway", where he is voiced by Butch Hartman and first appeared when he broke down Trixie's bedroom door in order to hand her the phone.

He also appears in the episode, "Class Clown", answering the door when Timmy arrived with various garden-based tools to kill an evil plant in Trixie's room. Despite Timmy's slightly crazily looking appearance, Mr. Tang let him inside his house at midnight to see his daughter because Timmy "was unfunny looking".

He is also seen in "School's Out!: The Musical" and "Dadbra-Cadabra", although he has no speaking role in these episodes.

The fate of his wife is currently unknown, as she is only mentioned by Trixie and never appears on-screen in any episode. His employment and how he came to have such wealth is never elaborated upon either. It may be that Mr. Tang has divorced from her.

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