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Mr. Galaxy
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personal Information
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Beach Bummed
Last Appearance:
  Beach Bummed

Mr. Galaxy is very strong and massively muscular. He is honored to cut the ribbon in the episode, Beach Bummed.


This character is a one time character.


Mr. Galaxy has built massive muscles and also sun-tanned his skin. His eyebrows (and natural hair color) are black. He "bleached" his long hair white. It seems that he made his hair into 4 braids (braided together behind him). He wears sunglasses in his debut episode.


Mr Galaxy's step makes Timmy grows bigger and stronger

He cuts the ribbon at the special event at the restaurant named Bickles By The Bay.

When he steps on the sand, he made Timmy grow bigger and stronger than him.


  • His name is a reference to Mr. Universe.
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