Mr. Ed Leadly

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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Personal Information
  Pencil Nexus
  Boss/Owner of Pencil Nexus
  Dimmsdale, CA
  Leadly (Called this by Cosmo in Dog Gone)
  Mr. Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Boss of Me
Last Appearance:
  A Fairly Odd Summer
Voiced by:
Rob Paulsen
Played by: (live action)
Tony Alcantar

Mr. Ed Leadly is the boss of the company, Pencil Nexus.


Ed Leadly is the boss of Pencil Nexus. He is a very angry little man who shouts at his employees a lot, especially Mr. Turner, whose last name he can never get right.


The shape of his body and hair is that of a short No. 2 pencil. He wears a yellow pencil colored jacket and pink eraser colored pants. He also has a stereotypical villainous mustache. He is also left handed.


During a "Bring Your Kid To Work Day", he warms up to Mr. Turner's son, Timmy, when he invents a pencil that never runs out called the "Everleady", promoting the boy to Vice President of the company. However, Mr. Leadly turns on Timmy when his pencils cause the company to go out of business since everyone only needs one. Mr. Leadly does not seem to like Mr. Turner at all, and constantly threatens to fire him.

In "Dog Gone", Ed wants to buy Sparky from the Turners after the dog saved his life.


Mr. Ed Leadly makes his debut appearance in live-action in "A Fairly Odd Summer", played by Tony Alcantar. He charges Mr. Turner responsible for planning a party in Hawaii.

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