Mr. Birkenbake's Van

Mr. Birkenbake's Van is a van owned by Mr. Birkenbake and it is where the latter lives as shown in its first two appearances. It first appeared in "The Big Scoop!" when Chester and A.J. then revealed that they have proof on Timmy beridding of his parents in order to be popular. Mr. Birkenbake however questions if they have talked to Timmy. Chester and A.J. then reveal that they did not and Mr. Birkenbake then tells them that if they wish to destroy someone else's reputation then they must get that person's side of the story first. Chester and A.J. then head for where the party is and Timmy then dumps away all his popularity to get his real friends back. The van is later seen in "Genie Meanie Minie Mo" where Mr. Birkenbake was having a garage in front of Timmy's house.


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