Mouse Man
Mouse man
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Cat 'n Mouse
Last Appearance:
  Cat 'n' Mouse

The Mouse Man is a villain that appears in Cat 'n Mouse.


Mouse Man is an enemy of Catman, brought to life by accident after Catman wishes he were a real superhero.


He wears a yellow shirt, blue pants, as well as red shoes and cape. He also has a white mask on modeled to make him look like a mouse.


After Catman accidentally wished himself to be a real superhero (while he was sucking Cosmo's wand believing it to be a lollipop), everything became real around him, his hero headquarters, his friend, Dawn the Yarn Ball, and his enemy, Mouse Man.

Cat 'n Mouse P8

Mouse Man kidnapped Timmy, Wonder Gal and Dawn, and attempted to cut them. However, Catman saved the trio and knocked Mouse Man out. Since then he hadn't made another appearance.


Mickey Mouse - His voice is an obvious parody of Mickey Mouse. Aside their voices, they share no other similarity since Mickey Mouse is good while Mouse Man is evil.

  • Catman and Mouse Man being enemiesis an allusion to cats and mice being enemies in real life.
Mouse Man

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