Mount Olympus
Country: Greece
World: Earth
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Freaks and Greeks
Destroyed In:
Freaks and Greeks

Mt. Olympus is the home of the mythological Olympian Gods that Timmy Turner encounters during his visit there.



It is a pantheon at the top of a large round mountain, surrounded by clouds. The mountain has green grass and trees. There are stairs leading up to the top of them which are white. The pantheon has cream floors and white pillars.


The Olympian Gods all live on the mythical mountain, along with other Olympians.



Timmy after he destroys Olympus.

Timmy wishes to be at a "real" toga party and ends up on the mythical Mt. Olympus with real gods, but when he accidentally destroys their home, they decide to party at his house instead.

Later on, the gods play volleyball on the remodeled Mount Olympus, which Wanda made to look like her fishbowl. Timmy and Cosmo arrive with housewarming gifts for the gods: a TV, a toilet, and a toaster. Dionysus' flying whoopie cushion then deflates, causing a blast so intense that it destroys the palace again; the gods, however, all laugh instead of getting mad.


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