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Gender: Female
Species: Human
Eye color:       Blue
Personal Information
  Timmy Turner
Fairy Godparents:
Swizzle (Fairy Godmother)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Wishing Well
Last Appearance:
  Wishing Well
Voiced by:
Grey Griffin

Molly is a young goth girl sent to the Wishing Well along with Timmy Turner and Dwight due to their Over Wishing Disorder.


Molly is a somewhat ill-tempered goth girl. She is very hypocritical when does not like to be touched but she will touch others when she feels like it. She apparently overworked her fairy godparent to the point where she was sent to Wishing Well to learn how to live without magic. Like Timmy and Dwight, she was unable to perform even the simplest of tasks such as tying her own shoes.


Molly wears dark purple and black "goth" style clothing, including a dark purple wool cap and a shirt with a skull on it. She has black hair in a pony tail and blue eyes, and a light bulb shaped head.


Not much is known about her except that she used to wish for stuff a lot, her hate for being touched and her fear of snakes (unknown why). Her fairy godparent is named Swizzle. Her character looks mean and rude, but not a complete bully. She potshots at almost everyone sometimes during her stay at Wishing Well, although she warms up to Timmy and Dwight after their escape from Wishing Well and subsequent graduation. After Dwight introduces his godparent to Timmy, Molly introduces Swizzle her godparent to him. Timmy then makes the error of shaking her hand while saying that Molly is a cool person, Swizzle then angrily yells at Timmy to NEVER touch her again. Timmy then unsurprisingly notes he now sees where Molly gets her coolness from. Molly along with the others then celebrate the rehabilitation with a party which they offered to make the buffet for them only for it to literally blow up in their faces.

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