"Hi. Timmy right? Sorry to bother you, but I think you have my phone."

(After Timmy was choking) "Are you okay?"

(After Timmy says that he ate a moth) "That's different. My afternoon snack is usually carrot sticks. But, thanks Timmy. Bye."

"Wow, Brandon, I think it's cool that you play so many sports."

"Wow, Dekoda, I think it's cool that you're sensitive."

"Hey Bobby, do you wanna be my lab partner?"

"Well, we're studying black holes in science."

(Bobby the Emo kid walks away) "Hehe, he's cute."

"Hi Timmy, I like your tractor."

"Wow, Timmy, that's the most normal thing you've ever said. Wanna go to a movie with me?"

"I've always liked you. Do you like me?"

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