Missy clear.png
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Age: 10
Eye color:       Green
Personal Information
  Timmy's friends
  Dimmsdale, California
  Timmy Turner
Love Interests:
  Timmy Turner
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Finding Emo
Last Appearance:
  Finding Emo
Voiced by:
Dannah Phirman

Missy is a classmate of Timmy Turner at Dimmsdale Elementary School who only appears in the Season 9 episode "Finding Emo".


Missy is a young girl who first appeared at Timmy's school in the episode "Finding Emo". She seems to enjoy talking to people. She is very sweet, and is open to many different personalities, as seen from the wide range of people she was talking to during the episode.


She has long strawberry blonde hair that is tied with a pink bow, and small bangs. She wears a somewhat old fashioned, doll-ish looking light blue and white dress with matching light blue shoes and pink socks.


Though she had only appeared in "Finding Emo" by the moment, much of her personality has already been revealed throughout the episode. She appears to be very sensible, which is the reason that she likes sensitive guys. Because she's sensitive, she is very friendly and kind to everybody, without caring about how they may act.

Missy talking to Timmy.

Missy also likes being with friends. She also appears to correspond Timmy's crush on her, and likes Timmy for who he is, which made Timmy happy in the end of the episode.


Missy first appearance is in "Finding Emo", in which Timmy falls in love for her, and wishes to become different kinds of boys trying to impress her.

He eventually wishes to be emo, which makes him lose interest in wishing. However, by the end of the episode, Missy says she likes Timmy for who he is, and they both hold hands and walk into the sunset, to go watch a movie together.


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Timmy Turner

FindingEmo 081.jpg
Timmy has a crush on her. Missy appears to like Timmy for who he is. At the end of "Finding Emo", she asks him if he wants to go see a movie with her and says that she always liked him. They hold hands and walk into the sunset together.

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