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This article is about the term. For the episode, see Miss Dimmsdale.

Miss Dimmsdale is a title granted to a woman that is judged to be the most beautiful woman or teenager in Dimmsdale.



The title is awarded in the same spirit as a Miss Universe contest, in that the contestants are judged on talent, charisma, and most of all, beauty. An unnamed woman was the first Miss Dimmsdale seen in the series during the episode, "Dream Goat!".

The episode, "Miss Dimmsdale" focused on this contest, and featured a number of characters as participants including Vicky the Babysitter, Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Principal Waxelplax, and A.J.'s Mom. Vicky gradually eliminated her competition through various means during the contest, and also blackmailed the judges, but still lost thanks to Timmy Turner and Catman. Mr. Turner eventually won the contest.


  • $10,000 dollars
  • Becoming Mayor for a day



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