A.K.A.: Ministry of Evil and Abusive Neighbors
Organization Information
Sheldon Dinkleberg
Mrs. Marinelli (suspected)
Type of Organization:
Evil Organization
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Operation: Dinkleberg
Last Appearance:
  Operation: Dinkleberg

Ministry of Evil and Abusive Neighbors (M.E.A.N.) is an evil society formed by people who make their neighbours' lives miserable.


This ministry was founded by Mr. Dinkleberg and it has one purpose, to make Mr. Turner's life as miserable as possible by changing the weather report, making Mr. Turner's ties clash, and draining all the milk from the carton so Mr. Turner can't enjoy milk with cereal. Mr. Dinkleberg will not even let Mr. Turner borrow a fancy looking drill he was threatening him with. At least, this all is what Mr. Dinkleberg wants Mr. Turner to think, because he is really a good neighbor and wants Turner to be happy by thinking that he is really evil.


After Mr. Dinkleberg woke up and found Mr. Turner snooping around on his house, he told him to sit down, he gave him a cup of coffee and told him to feel comfortable... because he was never going to leave again. Dinkleberg proceeded to push a button hidden behind a portrait, which caused Mr. Turner to be locked in the chair. Then he pulled a switch and turned the house into a small intestine shaped lair where Mr. Dinkleberg told him he was the leader of this society and its purpose, and to show him, he showed Dad his new drill and told him he'll never let him borrow it. After Timmy released Dad and he escaped, Sheldon told Timmy that he isn't really evil and he just pretended to be evil to make Mr. Turner happy, meaning that this ministry doesn't really exist. Mr. Dinkleberg revealed that he spent thousands of dollars on the project and that he is really a good neighbor.

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