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Mr. Crocker: Is it a D? Is it an E? No! It's Super F!!! Hello Turner... [Timmy reads Crocker's thoughts] You poor innocent sap, who has no idea I'm going to be giving a pop quiz on Botswana, the capital of which is Gaborone. Maybe he'll cry... That'll be great! I could bottle his tears and sell them on the internet!

Mr. Crocker: [thinking after being defeated by Timmy in his pop quiz] I don't understand. How could I have failed? Where did I gone wrong? Did I leave the curling iron on? [gets very panicky about what he should do now] And where will I find a child's tears now?

Timmy: I got an A! On a pop quiz! I'll bet my friends are thrilled for me!
A.J.: [thinking] Lucky.
Chester: [thinking] Cheater.
Elmer: [thinking] I hope nobody notices my boil has a mind of its own...
Boil: [thinking] Silence you fool! Wait... turn your head! Turn your head! [Elmer does what the boil tells him]

Trixie: Why is this loser talking to me?
Timmy: [thinking] Oh, sure, she's saying that. But let's see if that's how she really feels. [reads her thoughts]
Trixie: [thinking about Timmy] Why is this loser talking to me?
Veronica: [thinking about Timmy with hearts in her eyes] Why isn't that loser talking to ME!?
The Bouncer: [thinking] Why am I working for ten year olds? Why didn't I finish college? [notices Timmy and grabs him by the head] Hey, maybe I can beat the answers out of this kid.

Chester: Hey! You said there would be candy!
A.J.: And brain food!
Elmer: And something to stop my boil from controlling my mind!
Elmer's boil: SILENCE YOU FOOL!
Sanjay: Produce for us now the sugary products!

Francis: [waving a stick and referring to Crocker dangling above them] Hey! Maybe the candy's in this pinata!

Cosmo: Well, did it work?
Wanda: [thinking] What a stupid question! Of course it works you twit! [Stops thinking] Ah, that's a great question, Cosmo! I love you!
Timmy: [Laughing] cool happened ... Okay, let's read your mind, Cosmo!

Mr. Crocker: Wrong, F! I mean, right, A?!
Timmy: I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait for school!

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