Military Extra-terrestrial Research Facility

The Military Extra-terrestrial Research Facility, also known as M.E.R.F., is a government organization in the United States of America. Their location only appears in the episode "Wishology!"


This secret government agency monitors alien activity on Earth. If an alien is found, they will track it down and attempt to capture or destroy it. They emplouy M.E.R.F. Agents.


Timmy Turner first encountered M.E.R.F. shortly after escaping an encounter with the Eliminators during the first part of "Wishology!" Since The Darkness had erased all memories of Timmy's existence on Earth, the agency sent several agents after Timmy, since he did not exist and was seen with the Eliminators and thus was presumed to be an alien. Timmy managed to escape them.

When the Head Eliminator showed up, on Earth M.E.R.F. attacked it with bombs and missiles, but this only made the robot creature stronger and bigger. Eventually it became powerful enough to gain magical powers and used them to change all of the M.E.R.F. agents into its robotic henchmen. After the Destructinator was defeated, it is assumed that all of them were changed back to normal and their memories of the events erased.


  • The M.E.R.F. agency and it's agents are a parody of the Men In Black, both a movie about extra-terrestrial investigators, and a term for spooky suited government men in general.
  • M.E.R.F is also very similar to the Guys in White  from Danny Phantom.
  • The M.E.R.F. agents bear a striking resemblance to the agents from The Matrix movies.

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