Mike the Evil Living Building
Mike standing up.
Gender: Male
Species: Living Building
Personal Information
  Comic Book Dimmsdale
Production Information
First Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish!
Last Appearance:
  The Big Superhero Wish!

Mike the Evil Living Building is a villain in The Big Superhero Wish!. He was created from when Timmy wished that everyone has superpowers and formed Comic Book Dimmsdale.


Because of being a building he is incredibly strong. During the battle between superheroes and supervillains, he fights and defeats Cosmo and Wanda. His fate is unknown because he is absent when the "normal" heroes fight against the supervillains.


He is a grey building with green window eyes and emergency escape ladders for arms. He has a large smile on the front of his face. He has two legs, seemingly made out of walls.


In Dimmsdale, Cleft and the other superheroes arrive to see the town mostly deserted, and believe the other superheroes must have won. Nega-Chin shows up and reveals it was a trap, as Timmy's arch enemies were hiding behind Mike the Evil Living Building. The Chin-Hounds (Cosmo and Wanda) try to take on Mike the Evil Living Building, which Clefto attempts by urinating on him, but he gets kicked away before he does so. Timmy then attempts to wish the heroes and villains away, but the wish ends up erasing only the superheroes due to Nega-Chin halting him before he could say "villains."


  • A possible parody of Danny the Street from DC Comics.
Mike the Evil Living Building

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