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Michelle Bryan
Personal Information
Occupation Director
Years active 2007-present

Michelle Bryan is a director/co-director for 32 episodes. She started directing for The Fairly OddParents! when she co-directed, "Fairly Odd Baby". Her first solo directing episode was "Mission Responsible".


Episode Position
Fairly Odd Baby Co-Director
Mission Responsible Director
Odd Pirates Director
Odd Squad Director
Cheese & Crockers Director
King Chang Director
Wishing Well Director
Chindred Spirits Director
Birthday Bashed! Director
Anti-Poof Co-Director
Add-a-Dad Director
Formula For Disaster Director
Fly Boy Director
Timmy Turnip Director
One Man Banned Director
Planet Poof Director
He Poofs He Scores Director
Manic Mom-Day Director
Beach Blanket Bozos Director
Cosmo Rules Director
Farm Pit Director
Invasion of the Dads Co-Director
Meet the OddParents Co-Director
I Dream of Cosmo Co-Director
Force of Nature Co-Director
Scary GodCouple Co-Director
Dust Busters Co-Director
Turner Back Time Co-Director
Tons of Timmys Co-Director
Let Sleeper Dogs Lie Director
Lame Ducks Director
Jerk of All Trades Director
Fairly Old Parent Co-Director
The Past and the Furious Co-Director
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