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Mice Capades
Season 7, Episode 4
Prod. Code: 103A
Premiered:  (2009-07-08)July 8, 2009
Wish: Wishing everything was back to normal
Headgag: Whistle
Written by:
  Ray DeLaurentis
Storyboard by:
  Butch Hartman
Vic Harrisson
Directed by:
  Gary Conrad
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Formula For Disaster
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  Season 7
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Mice Capades is the fourth episode of Season 7.


When Poof watches too much of the violent classic "cat and mouse" cartoon, "Sleazy and Cheezy", Wanda forbids him from watching TV due to the show's bad influence. Wanting to still see the action of "Sleazy and Cheezy", Poof turns Timmy and Vicky into the characters from the show.


Timmy, Cosmo, and Poof are watching a show called "Sleazy & Cheesy". Because Wanda dislikes the show, Wanda forbids Timmy and Poof to watch it, Poof becomes sad. So when Wanda goes to the Fairy Market, Cosmo tries to "poof" up a TV, but fails numerous times and instead "Poofs" up a tepee, TP (toilet paper), an SUV, a BLT, an RV, and a Kenny G. 

Mr. Turner is going to a baseball competition with a Sasquatch cheese called "Sassy" and Mrs. Turner is going shopping with Mr. Turner's credit card. So, Mrs. Turner calls Vicky to babysit Timmy. Then, Vicky comes to Timmy's room with a hammer, but Timmy smacks her with a frying pan. They look like Sleazy & Cheesy, so Poof turns Timmy and Vicky into Cheesy and Sleazy, respectively. Luckily, Vicky thinks that she's dreaming and they begin to fight and when Timmy realizes that he has the magic whistle that can throw heavy stuff on Vicky, he uses it to outrun her. But later, Vicky managed to grab and swallow the whistle. When Wanda comes back, she suspects Cosmo of trying to poof up a TV, but she becomes addicted to the TV Store.

When Wanda heard Timmy yelling for help from the mouse-human translator, she gets over her addiction and noticed Timmy is a mouse and Vicky is a cat. She realizes Poof turned Vicky and Timmy into Sleazy and Cheezy. She sees Poof and tells him what he did was wrong. Poof said that he's sorry and Wanda understands that he's sorry but it was also very dangerous because Timmy could've really gotten hurt. They both set to help Timmy and got him out of Vicky's mouth. Timmy tried to wish everything back to normal, but Wanda couldn't understand him. So she gets Timmy to use the mouse-human translator Mom bought to wish everything back to normal. Vicky wakes up in a trash can and sets off chasing the milkman's truck. Cosmo finally manages to poof up a TV set and Poof watches another violent show called The Punchie and Munchie Show. Poof turns Cosmo and Wanda into the characters from the show. Kenny G. takes off in the SUV with the BLT, so Wanda blows the whistle and a steam locomotive land on top of him.



  • Sleazy & Cheesy is a parody to Tom & Jerry.

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