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  • So I thought of alot of facts and theory ideas in the fop too make the story and series more expandable long going for all of us(Even for Butch)so that it can have more morals and lessons.Also,It is too make the story more better than ever before.☺☺😊😊😊😇😇

    1.More crossovers-Including what fan's like and incoming of butches work that he hasn't included yet.

    2.Background story:Exploring flashback stories on other characters besides others like Chloe,Trixie,Veronica,Molly,Tootie,Missy,Carly,Chester,Aj,Elmer,Etc.And more too fully understand what their going through so that fan's can have no more doubts and suspicion distrust on them.

    3.Holiday Special Episodes-We haven't seen Chloe explore some holiday episode on her,like Christmas special, Valentine's, April fool's,Halloween,Easter Bunny, New Years, Etc.and more along with Timmy and the others. I was thinking that would make the relationship more romantic than ever so that everyone can explore more Chlimmy moments by the fan's.

    4.Relationship-Chloe hasn't interacted on other characters yet like sparky,anti-fairies,crossover characters, chester,Trixie, Tootie,Missy,etc.and many more too see how well these characters can get along the stories.Also including Timmy reassuring again with these characters so that he can finally and others too accept him no matter what.

    5.Parodies,Humorous,Comedy-The most important thing I'm the show is similarities on other series that has not yet been added in fop.

    6.Characters that should returned or at least be mentioned-Once again, This is the most important thing in the series so that no inconsistencies and errors. Some of them didn't returned or appeared only once or twice in the series and that should be avoided alot. The one should returned flappy Bob,the darkness, turbo thunder and his superhero people,Santa clause, the genie guy,dinkleberg,Trixie,Tootie,Chester, Aj,Elmer, etc.and many more so that it doesn't only focus on the protagonist or Crocker so much where they become a part of the series once again.

    7.Outfits-New costumes should be included so that we can see more than their original outfit.

    8.New locations-All locations should be visited by Chloe so that she can see the things that'd she didn't explored yet. That also includes the crossover universe.

    9.Alternate timelines-The whole gang even crossover's should be exploring alternate reality timelines too see the differences of their own original timelines and see their alternate counterparts. Example their is popular Timmy,universe Timmy, Gangster Timmy,vice-versa Chloe living in dimssdale the whole time and has Cosmo and Wanda the whole time and Timmy came and live in dimmsdale for the first time which this is an opposite story between them,emo Timmy,etc.and many more so that the fop becomes expandable in popularity similar to star vs the forces of evil.

    10.Timmy and Chloe keeping Cosmo and Wanda even as adults-When Timmy wishes that all people in his universe wishes that all will be aging again,They will be growing up and will explore the story of teenage life between them(Their will be several changes on them of course). When married,They have kid's together and was dressed by their aunt's (Tommy-Like his personality ego as a yang- being dressed by Trixie,Remy,molly,Carly,and others.Tammy-Inherited by her mom's heritage of being the yin- dressed by her mother, Tootie, Missy,and many more),But as reckless and ruckus like before them.Chloe accidentally becomes angrily on them and nagged her children(Tammy and Tommy) For being irresponsible and clumsy which will lead her too be guilty for doing so and asked her husband that Cosmo and Wanda should be reassigned on their children which Timmy agreed when they asked permission both the councils and jorgen -They acknowledged this matter.This was done when their 10th birthday came and on the end of the day(7:00 pm night),Both Timmy and Chloe bid farewell on their godparents and wished secretly too rehire them on their kids. On the next day,Both of them didn't remembered it cause their memories was erased by them in that night. Cosmo and Wanda(Including poof and sparky)keeping an unforgettable picture and a video of their moments of their favorite God child's- Which they also explained to Tammy and Tommy that they should keep this a secret because their parents said so and the rule book too so that they won't go away forever. All of Timmy's and Chloe's wish and superpowers we're given and pass on their children so that they can become heroes and use their wishes for the greater good in the fop multiverse. And here the 2 twins started a new similar adventures of how their Parents did and explored multiverse timelines too ensure safety and Peace of the whole universe.

    11.Short episodes-When waiting new fop episode, Their should be a short series of it.Examples of Timmy and Chloe(Including others too)breaking the 4th wall and discussing all about the fairly odd Parents show that fan's had not yet known or hasn't ever heard about it yet.This will explore more about their discovery and previous actions of what they did before.

    12.More movies and long episodes-Each seasons has it's own long timing special occasion. While S8 has the longest running each episode, one should be much more and has too surpassed it than its previous showing before.

    13.Evil Timmy And Chloe In other timelines-This is the one that peeked my interest for so long and it's gonna make the show a very powerful blast that would made people explode their minds in awe to excitement when these are shown.They will be the master plan and responsible of the apocalyptic event in other timelines(Where they will gain immense powers and other team up other villain timelines like vlad,dark danny,alternate timeline villains like Crocker's, dark lazer,anti-fairies,pixies,etc.and many more) where they will dominate and too destroy evil at their hands where both believe it was for the sake of their beautiful utopia at the multiverse and justice of their atrocious sin's where they once refused too admit too themselves because they are selfish and prideful.Their background story is similar too zoom and savitar in the DC universe and goku black and zamasu in dragon ball super except thiese counterparts teamed up(After getting married as a couple) and has the greatest path too ensure victory is with them.

    14.Superpowers-The most important thing in the series is discussing each characters liability of their own strength and skills. The most popular must be included example is 4th wall breaking, Cartoon physics, combat mode(Timmy becoming/transforming into nega/dark/villainous,emo,animals, superhero,adult,etc.and many more including other characters too),Transcendent powers(Like evil Timmy harnessing the powers in both fairy, pixies, and anti-fairies world places in his timelines too gain the ability too become a super fairy god Parent similar how his ability obtained by fop-movie Timmy when falling thorough the lava and how black goku gained super Saiyan rose. His voice will differ in a English French speaking language because of the divine overflowing his own physical capabilities merging into one of both of his mind and soul, This also applies too her evil wife, evil Chloe who is immortal and always serves the shield for his beloved king who is the sword of justice. 10 year old original Timmy and Chloe will gain this ability too soon since their combat mode is no match on godly powers like them).Fighting Instinct-The most important badass part that should be included because this will push the show more skyhigh when both Timmy and Chloe obtain ultra instinct sign too complete omen omni-god-like-powers which will ensure sheer victory of defeating their evil doers once and for all.Fusion-Most important thing, When merged together, they become one,and powerful too another, Mystical items or poses are acquired too do this,Danny phantom and Timmy first, other crossover's,Theevil counterparts do this before Timmy and Chloe are next.

    14.Live interview in medias-Similar to loud house and star vs the forces of evil,when doing an interview discussion on Instagram,pinterest,youtube,and other social media's, This should be included so that each characters besides Timmy and Chloe having being talked,Other characters should be interviewed too like Tootie,Vicky,Crocker's, Danny phantom,jimmy neutron,tuff puppy,Trixie,Veronica, etc.and many more too explore more of their life's and personality too trivial questions that has not been known too them much yet.

    15.Status of a characters-It should be known what happened too them and what is their last appearance in the shown whether they are still alive,deceased, or unknown of what happened too them.It is most important of all.

    16.Non-Canon should be turn to canon-Last and not least this article should be included in the fop universe no matter what.the fairy goggles,Vickys brother,fairy king,Queen titania,etc.and more should be included so that it is not forgotten and stub all the time being sake(Everything has an au in the series).

    17.Songs and unused scenes-Should be reused once more and included in credits too ending scene in the story.It cannot be easily forgotten and missed out no matter what.Also,New themes song in crossover's that each 5 Sec of scene when heroes are colliding too another with a dramatic pose at the end(Like ready too battle scene). Theme song new in fop in each seasons(like original too Chloe theme songs should be mixed in half parts in the mid seasons before too their children) until new neutral theme song soundtrack too Tammy and Tommy new adventure in the series.

    18.Arcade game for the nicktoons universe crossover's unite-Similar too dragon ball fighter z or play station all battle star Royale,This should make the series push the score sky high.Each characters(By analyzing both their Idle,fighting stance, or other movements before being picked even in loading screen similar to db xenoverse series or tekken series)has a dramatic intro example when appearing in screen when they are picked like Timmy has a catalogue and next scene walking simply and was thrown by a basketball and gots splashed before getting up and introducing too the characters or who he met and knows or Chloe doing the totally Chloe stance introduction before preparing too battle her opponents and many more similar intro's too them(If a team has been included, They would join the intRo for example if Timmy has his fairy god Parents as a team member, They would do the same scene like the theme song except only like in the dinosaur in the middle scene before continuing the battle and when won both will make the recreation final draft scene similar when humiliating Vicky's head in a gag way for the opponent).Team and tag battle similar too the other arcade games except more cooler,Like when the player loses, The other one tags in by flying too their opponent and both clashing arms too arms together(face animation included when face too face each other like Timmy and danny phantom clashing another in both an excitement smirk in their face or  a clash in a random character like Vlad who is smiling evily vs Jimmy neutron who angryly grins on him)and before backflipping jump back at their own stance similar to db fighter z.Recreation fight scene should be added too like when Foop and poof battled in dimmsdale(This will only occurred if the player picked that area and is apocalyptic dark along the same knowing characters and it's place similar too db fighter z)example and has a dramatic finish when that character Win's in the battlefield, Recreating the same original scene like the one shown before except a bit indifferent than the original.Dramatic winning and losing are also included like example danny phantom winning the fight by punching his enemy high behind his back(If the loser gets up,he/she will be knocked down by danny)like the same in the opening and many more winning stance of the character(Including the catalogue lines winning and losing). So that both adults and kid's could play this everyday in their life too keep them active and energetic in excitement.

    You think this activity of
    Wicked timmy in fairy world by crash5020-dbx49ml
    mine I said is so helpfull and useful?Please leave a comment down below and let me know,Thank you and make us whole once again for the sake of this show and everyone else.☺☺😇😇😇😇😇😇
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  • 20180813 142748

    What Chloe Carmichael should of look like for The Dimmsdale Daze episode of The Fairly Oddparents

    20180813 141842

    Pregnant Mrs. Chloe Carmichael Turner after Chloe marries Timmy Turner as a grown up

    20180813 141541

    during the part of Attack of the 90 foot Kitty episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy

    20180813 141436

    Kitty Katswell's wedding ring for The Real Wedding episode of Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell as for the part of new episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy

    20180813 141424

    As a part of Attack of the 90 foot Kitty episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy

    20180813 141407

    As a part of Attack of the 90 foot Kitty episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy.

    20180813 141355

    Pregnant Mrs. Kitty Katswell Puppy for the ending scene of The Super Mega Odd Squad Unite.

    20180813 141328

    Kitty Katswell in her wedding dress for The Real Wedding Episode of Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell as a part of new episode of T.U.F.F. Puppy

    If any of you guys get these, some of those are for the new ideas of the Fairly Oddparents, T.U.F.F. Puppy & The Super Mega Odd Squad Unite and the 1st 2 is what Chloe Carmicheal should of look like in the Dimmsdale Daze episode and what the future holds for Chloe Carmicheal as a grown up.
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  • Damonikalovesausally thinks the show is losing a battle so i told her i didn't care what she says, but she accused me a being a jerk for taking away her right to her opinion which was not my intention.

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  • Sorry, I do not want to look like arrogant with you, but please, well, would you like a crosserver between FOP and Teen Titans, but stop believing who knows who, even after graduating you will work on Nick, will not accept a crosserver between FOP and Teen Titans, if Nickelodeon does not even know him ... now, you've passed the limits, your idea is like a fan idea, but please do not accomplish it, because it would be impossible, when you write these things you just bring me sadness , and I would not offend you, but could you avoid certain things ...?

    (Sorry for grammar)

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    • We must revive and show this too the whole world so that we can become whole!

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  • hi I Am Martey L Pappa. I Was Wondering If You Are Working For Nickelon Can You  Convience Them Into Bringing Sparky The Dog.. Back I Really Mess Sparky. I Love All of His Amazing Tricks.... and The Way He Makes Me Laugh.. and He Makes Wanda and Cosmo Very Poof Very Happy... And I Don't Care What Those Haters Trolls Say's I Love Sparky I Think Hes Very Funny.  Even Though Hes Stupid.. But Silly Things Makes People Smile. and Everyone Just Love Dogs.... Make It Where He Meets The New Guy Bj Sevlka ..And Then He Meets Chloe Carmicle and I Wish That Timmy Was Back intoo Season 11 As Well. Please Bring Back Sparky in Season 11. and Can You Also Make Fop. At A Earlyer Time. Please Like 5:00 Pm Or 5;30pm Cause i never Get Too See them At 8"Pm and 9:Pm...

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    • MarteyLPappa wrote:
      hi I Am Martey L Pappa. I Was Wondering If You Are Working For Nickelon Can You  Convience Them Into Bringing Sparky The Dog.. Back I Really Mess Sparky. I Love All of His Amazing Tricks.... and The Way He Makes Me Laugh.. and He Makes Wanda and Cosmo Very Poof Very Happy... And I Don't Care What Those Haters Trolls Say's I Love Sparky I Think Hes Very Funny.  Even Though Hes Stupid.. But Silly Things Makes People Smile. and Everyone Just Love Dogs.... Make It Where He Meets The New Guy Bj Sevlka ..And Then He Meets Chloe Carmicle and I Wish That Timmy Was Back intoo Season 11 As Well. Please Bring Back Sparky in Season 11. and Can You Also Make Fop. At A Earlyer Time. Please Like 5:00 Pm Or 5;30pm Cause i never Get Too See them At 8"Pm and 9:Pm...

      1st I will be very soon. 2nd I like Sparky as much as you but I'm what is best for the public. 3rd I'll do something like that for you like after I graduate.

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    • Good too know your such a hardworking person you are.You are doing this too make everyone happy and be inspired by more people around you.I really like how you motivate others.:)

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  • I'm very sorry. I hope you're not too upset for me losing interest in Fairly Odd Parents.

    I still support Fairly Odd Parents and I still have hope for better stuff for the show in the future.

    You still took note of my request to have Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda show more love, care, and affection towards each other, right? (And perhaps Chloe as well?)

    I also still LOVE Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy, and Bunsen Is A Beast along with Fairly Odd Parents no matter what!

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  • If you do end up working at Nick, I have something that I request if you end up working for future Fairly Odd Parents stuff:

    I would appreciate if Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda (and perhaps Chloe too) acted more like a family and showed more love, care, and affection towards each other (Like in earlier seasons). At least have Cosmo and Wanda treat both of their godkids (Timmy and Chloe) EQUALLY.

    That's the only idea I request. Simply just to have Cosmo and Wanda love and care for Timmy as much as they did in earlier seasons. Good luck working at Nick if you get the job.

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    • About this idea called "Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom" ( it wasn't meant to be dark, it was meant to be heroic that needs to be fixed from their mistakes so they can start a new future without have to kill anybody and did I say "To terminate their future"? I meant to say "To Change their future by working together to stop the villains from activating their doomsday device and not to kill anybody so they can have a new future but without living in the dictatorship."

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    • Your pretty cool man.A little advice that nick is not as nice and appreciating unlike disney and cartoon network,Where they accept eveyone.You should be fully aware of their behavior of how chris savino got fired in nick before(Who worked loud house)because i know the reason why and why butch left nickelodeon because he was offensed in mu belief.May the force hep you.

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  • The next project for Butch Hartman is the next crossover mini-movies from Butch Hartman's Fairly Odd Phantom short film and Jimmy Timmy Power Hour mixed together along with Danny Phantom's Ultimate Enemy episode and simular to The Fairly Oddparents' Channel Chasers but for this one will be L.O.S.E.R.S., League of Villains, Vlad Plasmius, Dark Danny Phantom and D.O.O.M. wotking together to take over Retroville, Dimmsdale, Amity Park and Petropolis and distroy Bunsen's hometown except Bunsen the Beast so they can become trans-damensional dictators of Retroville, Dimmsdale, Amity Park and Petropolis. Then The N Men, Timmy and Chloe, Team Phantom, T.U.F.F. rebels and Bunsen have to be able to beat and defeat the Trans-damnsional Dictators so those heroes will travel back in time to stop the villans from activate the Doomsday Device and distroy thier worlds. For the one's twisted future will be 25 years into the future. Timmy and Chloe will be 35 years old, Team Phantom will be 25 years older (Danny, Sam and Tucker will be 29 years old, Jazz will be 31 years old with the brains of 33 years old Valurie and Dash will be 31 years old, Danielle will be 27 years old and Jack and Maddie Fenton will be 65 years old), The N Mne will be 35 yeas old, T.U.F.F. rebels will be 25 years older (Dudley Puppy and his wife will soon be known as Kitty Puppy (use to be Kitty Katswell) and Keswick will be 45 years old and The Chief will be about 85 years old) and Bunsen will be 25 yaers older. T.U.F.F. rebels will be Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell aka Kitty Puppy, Keswick and The Chief only. Cosmo, Wanda, Poof, Sparky and The Fairies from Fairy World will be in cages by L.O.S.E.R.S. in the dictator castle, Bunsen will be sad for the lost of his friend Mikey and will seeking revenge for Mikey's death, Amity Park will be nothing but rubel and Retroville will be living in the dictatorship ruled by The League of Villains just like the Tomarrow Boys episode but less like Libby and more like The League of Villains so those future version of The Fairly Oddparents, Danny Phantom, T.U.F.F. Puppy, Bunsen is the Beast and The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius characters will be visiting thier younger selves so they can change the future of make sure that horrible future never existed and they can start over with their lives. This new project for Butch Hartman will be very intersted to see what's going to be like if both Jimmy Timmy Power Hour and The Fairly Odd Phantom joined together in one project. I hope that Butch Hartman will be okay with it. For the Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom project idea that I thought of will be the first of the T.V. movie trilogy and I hope that Chloe Carmicheal will be vry interested to meet Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius in person so she can get to know Jimmy ad possibly meet Bunsen finally as well as Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. This will be the new crossover sequal of Jimmy Timmy Power Hour and The Fairly Odd Phantom short film mixed together for Butch Hartman. The 2nd Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour TV movie will be called Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour 2: When Heroes Collide. The 3rd Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour will be called Jimmy Fairly Odd Phantom Power Hour 3: The Invaders. For the 2nd TV movie main villains will be The Junk Man, Princess Mandie, Katty Katswell, Vortex and Anti-Cosmo. The 3rd TV movie main villains will be King Goobot, Verminous Snaptrap, Birdbrain, The Chameleon, Skulker, Dan Phantom, The Nega Chin and Amanda from Bunsen is a Beast .

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    • I had watched it and I like in a way maybe and the same for this

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    • Yeah i just watched it yesterday and it was awesome for him too think that!Especially if tuff puppy meets dora universe and have clash on one and another!Its so funny and cool too!!XDD;-))))DDD

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  • I have a friend Brandon Lee Salazar and he just found the 10th season and he didn't like Chloe Carmicheal because he thinks that Chloe's evil and he think that Chloe had forced Jorgan to share Cosmo and Wanda with Timmy. If you agreed that Chloe is not evil and Timmy is okay for sharing his faires with Chloe. Send me a comment and talk to Brandon Lee Salazar about Chloe thru his facebook account ( I've tried to explain to Brandon about Chloe but he's spoiled about everything in the 10th Season and doesn't understand right now.

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