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  • If Chloe's house didn't appear in Blue Angel then what is this then?:
    Blue Angel 033
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  • Runepatriarch Deviantpooper is being a cyber bully on the wiki and he thinks season 10 episodes are right, but i think those episodes are the right dates

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  • what epishode does timmy shnap at vicki

    cosmo and wanda got shucked in at chay black hole

    and foop is sho mean

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  • can we chat

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  • I don't feel well so I'm not going to write long, but yeah if you've never watched Fairly Odd Baby, don't! I did and regret it (be careful, it reappears in "Timmy's Secret Wish"). I'd rather see the female fairies get pregnant and that's one of the reasons why I made these pictures of Wanda being pregnant. It's not true to the show but I don't care, it makes me feel better.

    Cosmo and Pregnant Wanda

    Cosmo and Pregnant Wanda by WillTheArthurandBusterFan5050

    Wanda Pregnant

    Pregnant Wanda

    Timmy, Cosmo, and Pregnant Wanda

    Timmy, Cosmo, and Pregnant Wanda by WilltheArthurandBusterFan5050

    Pregnant Wanda with Cosmo

    Pregnant Wanda with her man Cosmo

    Pregnant Wanda with Timmy and Cosmo

    Pregnant Wanda accompanied by Timmy and Cosmo

    Wanda in Labor1

    Wanda in labor and Timmy and Cosmo asking her what's wrong.

    The following is Wanda about to give birth (I didn't do artwork of Wanda actually giving birth, that'd have been inappropriate.)

    Wanda in Labor2

    Wanda telling Timmy and Cosmo "It's Time"

    Wanda in Labor3

    Wand and Cosmo in Delivery Room with Dr. Rip Studwell

    Fairly Odd Baby Remake

    Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo, and the new Baby

    And I'm glad I'm not alone in this. I also made these because I've been running into more pictures of male fairy pregnancy than female ones and it just makes me sick and I wanted to increase the number of female fairy pregnancy pictures. Some people don't understand why I hate it so much, I don't completely understand why they hate that I hate it and I cannot explain it well enough but this this just the way I think and feel. But, I must remember we do need to respect each other's opinions. And even though this is not howFairly Odd Parents really works, and like I said, "I don't care," this is more natural to me and this is how I would do things.People can give me a hard time about this if they want, I cannot stop them, though I'd like it if they didn't, but this is how I do things. We cannot control reality but we can control our imaginations and our inner worlds.

    I don't want to imagine Jorgen pregnant either (but there are pictures so watch out!) I have been considering doing more female fairy pregnancy pictures including of Mama Cosma and the Tooth Fairy (there is one such picture, have fun finding it!)

    Although I don't really like the Anti-Faires as much, though they do make the actual fairies look a lot better, I do like Anti-Blonda's attitude, or how you depicted her, in the fact that she hates laziness and likes cooking, sewing etc. Good qualities!

    I guess Anti-Schnozmo wouldn't make such a good villian, in fact I think you're right and I think I kind of knew that already but didn't say so.

    Alright I have to go now. But it's nice to know you and I have some of the same thinking!

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    • @ Will. Thanks for the compliment. Unfortunately some people in my environment think that I shouldn't draw "such stupid things". They say that this makes me more childish and infantile.

      And about your digital art - I won't laugh, I promise. :) And I'm sure they would look fantastic. Just like your hand-drawings.

      @ Jennus. You don't have to sorry. I'm so happy that you found out my drawings on this wiki. You are free to talk here with us if you want. And of course we can always talk on deviantart if you want. :)

      PS. About picture with Sugarcoat. I'll start it in next week, okay? :)

      Best regards.

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    • No you don't Jennus, in fact I'm the one who should be sorry. I knew I should have kept my mouth shut about this! I make terrible decisions!  >:-( @ me!

      I'm also on deviant art if you want to see.

      @ Rune, you're not alone, I know what you mean.

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  • It's nice you want to update these Appearance pages but make sure to check what you're writing to ensure your grammar and spelling is good before posting it.

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    • Sorry for that. I knew that I made a lot of grammar mistakes in that framgent which I posted yesterday. Should I rewrite that fragment again? This time without any mistakes?

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    • Yeah. I recommend just looking through the Foop, Anti Cosmo and Anti Wanda appearance pages 

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  • I apreciated that your trying to create new galleries.

    But at least try to put the obligatory templates when creating a new gallery.

    Check out the galleries for Fairly Odd Pet for a better example.


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  • Hi, welcome to Fairly Odd Parents Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Anti-Wanda/Quotes page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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