Christmas Wishes

Wishmas Wishes

  • Timmy - a sled
  • A.J. - a super computer
  • Vicky - 1,000,000 wishes, only to have her mailbox explode, and all she got was a case of whiplash
  • Tootie - Timmy the Flying Pink Sea Horse
  • Sanjay - a friend for his elephant named Timmy, and for his elephant to have 40 friends each named Timmy
  • Mr. Turner - to be Nog-Man and to have a sidekick, Nog-Dog
  • Chester - a flying pizza


  • A second Holiday Special of the series was ordered by Nickelodeon because the Latin American version of the channel, didn't have a Christmas special of the show to broadcast, since the first seasons of The Fairly OddParents had been sold to Disney in that region.
  • The end of the episode takes place a year after the beginning. This is the longest time-length of an episode than any other episode of the series.
  • Unlike in Christmas Everyday! where Santa Claus and Mrs. Claus had original concepts and design for that episode, this episode brought them back to the classical portrayals of them that is known around the world.
  • One of the presents a random kid in the background wished for was The Seemingly Harmless Plant from "Class Clown".
  • In production order, this is the second and last appearance of Tootie in Season 6.
  • In episode order, this is the first appearance of Tootie in Season 6.
  • First appearance of Poof in a Fairly OddParents Christmas episode. It's also notable that Poof very rarely appears alongside his parents in this episode, and is strangely absent for most of it.
  • Trixie Tang appears briefly during the song "Not on the List"; she is the only character to appear in this special without unique winter clothing.
  • This is Vicky and Tootie's first on-screen appearance together since "Mooooving Day."
  • Mrs. Claus looks nothing like she does in Christmas Every Day. Instead of having a hour glass figure, she’s really fat like how most sources describe her. It could be possible that Jorgen gave both her and her husband a permanent source of magic which in turn gave them the form that they are usually shown in other well known Christmas sources. If so then this would remove the necessary thing for fairies to transfer some of their magic to Santa so that he can do his Christmas run. Unless it doesn't have enough magic for regular Christmas magic standards that is.
  • Mr. Turner wears the same Winter outfit from Christmas Every Day!.
  • Santa Claus apparently knows when certain events are about to happen before they happen.
  • This episode re-aired on Nicktoons during 25 Days of Nickmas 2020.



Running Gags

  • A.J. saying "Still creepy" every time his supercomputer talked.
  • People wishing for stuff named Timmy.
  • Someone summoning people by blowing a conch shell.



  • Vicky's House is located right next to the Turner's House in this episode, normally in the position that Dinkleberg's House would be.
  • When Vicky pulls out her Wishmas card, the scenery is messed up to the point she could be seen abnormally larger than the Turner's house.
  • Tootie can be seen with her usual (Pre-Poof) "diva shape" glasses when she got on her seahorse named "Timmy".
  • How was Timmy able to wish up a butterfly net and a remote control trap door to Cosmo and Wanda when a while ago we saw Jorgen switched off the Big Wand (fairy magic supplier)? It is possible that Jorgen turned it on again immediately off-screen.
  • How did Cosmo poofed to Santa's sled without any hindrances near the end of the episode when a while ago we saw Timmy trapped him and Wanda under a butterfly net? Cosmo probably lifted up the butterfly net by himself and used his magic as usual off-screen.
  • During the last verse of the song, Not on the List, Chester had different colored hair and skin tone.

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