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Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 40s
Personal Information
  Things and people "too cool for school"
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Old Man And The C-
Last Appearance:
  Old Man And The C-
Voiced by:
Dee Bradley Baker

Melvin is a school janitor that went to school with Mr. Turner in their youth.


Melvin is regarded as a genius by Mr. Turner, and when Melvin told him he was "too cool for school", Mr. Turner immediately dropped out. Shortly after Mr. Turner left, Melvin turned to an inanimate trash can and told it the same thing, and eventually he grew up to become a janitor, so it's most likely that Mr. Turner's assertion of him as a "genius" was incorrect. When Mr. Turner passed the test, he beat up Melvin with Timmy.


He was red hair, thick red glasses, and wears a pink shirt with a red tie and pants as a child, and a janitor's outfit as an adult.


Melvin is a bad influence on Mr. Turner, and is always telling him that he is too cool for school, causing Mr. Turner to drop out and never complete the fifth grade. Then Mr. Turner leaves, and Melvin says a trash can is too cool for school. Later on in life, Melvin is a janitor and tells Mr. Turner, who is trying to complete the 5th grade, that he is still too cool for school, causing Mr. Turner to drop out yet again and nearly flunk school until Mr. Crocker gives him the opportunity to pass every grade from fifth to high school graduation by completing a test. After that, Melvin is beaten-up by Timmy and his dad.

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