Mayor of Dimmsdale: "Hehe, all your kids and your goat...I'm the mayor, doesn't anyone want to hear my accomlishments? [complete silence] I hate not being the goat."

Wanda: "That's him?"
Cosmo: "What's the big deal? He's just a smelly old goat." [Everyone spits out their water]
Mayor of Dimmsdale: "WHO SAID THAT?! [Cosmo and Wanda poofs off] HOW DARE YOU MINIMIZE THE IMPORTANCE OF CHOMPY!"

Mayor of Dimmsdale: "The rest of you can head out to the goat gift shop. Bacause it looks like SOMEBODY!!!! needs a little alone time with our goat hero."
Vicky: "Ha! See ya twerp."
Mayor of Dimmsdale: "GO!!!! BEG CHOMPY FORGIVENESS!"

Vicky: "Get off me, you dork!"
Mayor of Dimmsdale: "Smelly old goat, can you believe it... CHOMPY'S GONE!!! [Police spits him with coffee] and that masked hero captured the goat-napper."
Police Man: "Good job, underwear over your head lad."

Mayor of Dimmsdale: "Look at those kids, they're destroying my town. What do you think I should do?!"
Chompy the Goat: [while eating a rug] "Baaaah..."
The Mayor: "A town meeting. That's a great idea."
(later at the town meeting)
The Mayor: [the angry mob protests inside the city hall] "That's your worst idea ever!"

The Mayor: "Wait, he's the mayor, I'm the goat, see? [switches name strap with Chompy] I'm eating a tin can. [Imitation of Chompy's voice] Baahhh."
Chompy: Bahhhhh.
Mr. Turner: Who can you just sit there "baaaing" while our children injuring themselves and more importantly our stuff?! [a kid destroys his toaster]
Chompy: Meeeeeehh...
'Mrs. Turner: I don't speak goat, but I don't like the tone or smell of our new goat mayor.
Denzel Crocker: Isn't he technically naked?
Chompy: Meeeehh..
The Mayor: [Angry Mob surrounded them] Ahhhh, What are you coming after for me for? He's the mayor. Chompy what are going to do?

The Mayor: "Chompy, don't see!

Mayor of Dimmsdale

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