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Mayor of Chincinnati
The Mayor (right) tied up by the Bronze Kneecap (left)
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Residence: Chincinnati
Crimson Chin
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Chin Up!
Last Appearance:
  Crime Wave

The Mayor of Chincinnati is an old man that is in charge of Chincinnati inside the Crimson Chin's comic books.


He exists inside the world of the Crimson Chin comic books, acting as mayor of the city of Chincinnati.


In "Chin Up!", he was held hostage by the Bronze Kneecap, who was running rampant along with the other villains when the Crimson Chin had become too depressed to fight. He was soon rescued by the Crimson Chin, who was convinced to rejoin the fight against crime by Cleft the Boy Chin Wonder as well as his imaginary gerbil Eddie.

In Breakin' Da Rules, he gets kidnapped by Spatula Woman after she takes the Crimson Chin's charisma.

The Mayor later appeared in the background of other episodes featuring Chincinnati, but does not play any major role in the series after "Chin Up!".

Mayor of Chincinnati