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Mark Chang's Spaceship
City: Dimmsdale
State: California
Country: United States
World: Earth
Yugopotamia (origin)
Additional Information
  On Yugopotomia
Owned By:
  Mark Chang
  Mark Chang
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Spaced Out
Last Appearance:

Mark Chang's Spaceship is an extra terrestrial spacecraft of Yugopotamian design that Mark Chang travels and lives in.


The spaceship is currently resting inside the Dimmsdale Junkyard, and serves not only as Mark Chang's transportation but as his home on Earth as well. Nobody has discovered the ship yet, because the people of Dimmsdale are unable to tell it apart from any other piece of junk in the junkyard.


The ship shares the same brain in glass that Mark Chang and other Yugopotamians have on their heads. It also has two large guns mounted on each side. Inside the ship are many computer consoles and a brain in the center. Mark's ship is identical to all other Yugopotamian ships.


Mark Chang used this ship to escape Yugopotamia and his arranged marriage to Princess Mandie and hide out on Earth in "New Squid in Town". Queen Jipjorrulac and King Grippulon, Mark's parents, also used an armada of similar looking ships in "Scary Godparents", and the most deadly weapon in their arsenal was a bomb that rained candy, a substance poisonous to the Yugopotamians.