Timmy as Mom: Whoa, I'm actually Mom! I think I'll go do something totally Mom-like. I gonna yell at me! Timmy!!!
Timmy as Mom: Good morning, Timmy.
Mom as Timmy: Good morning, Mom!

Francis: Turner, welcome to Chez Francis. Today's special's are the broken leg of lamb and cracked ribs. For dessert, poundcake!
Mom as Timmy: Oh let me guess, you're the angry school bully. When people are angry, it usually means they've had a dream crushed. Do you have a crushed dream, large grey boy?
Francis: Well I've always wanted to be an interpretive dancer.
Mom as Timmy: Wonderful! Let's dance right now!

Timmy as Mom: [answers the phone] Hello?
Dad: Hi honey, boy you sound a lot like Timmy. Listen, I forgot my lunch and I'm too busy to go out. [looks at video of "Timmy" dancing] Man that Timmy's a good dancer. Can you bring it to me?
Timmy as Mom: No way, I've got a lot to- [Wanda squawks like a chicken]
Dad: Oooh, I hear chickens running around the house, fry me up one of those!

Timmy as Mom: See, under control. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to bring lunch to my loving husband. Now please pretend I never said that.

Mr. Crocker: Turner! F!
Mom as Timmy: You know Mr. Crocker, people who are hard on others are usually even harder on themselves. Do you give yourself Fs too?
Mr. Crocker: You've been reading mother's parenting book, the one she was too busy writing to raise me! Normally I'd give you another F for that, but suddenly I want to...tell you about my empty childhood.
Mom as Timmy: There, there, Mr Crocker. Why don't you dance your pain away?
Both: Springtime!!!

Trixie: Don't even waste a greeting, Timmy Turner. I'm never going to talk to-
Mom as Timmy: Oooh, I love your shoes!
Trixie: You do?
Mom as Timmy: And your dress really brings out your eyes!
Trixie: Wow! Tell me what else you love about me!
Mom as Timmy: Only if I can braid your gorgeous hair!
Trixie: [with wide eyes] Timmy Turner, you're wonderful

Mr. Crocker: That Timmy Turner's the greatest kid I've ever known. B minus!
Cosmo: Now, ready for checkout!

Timmy as Mom: Hi, Timmy. How was your day?
Mom as Timmy: Well, Mom. I spent my day dancing and singing. I braided Trixie's hair and got a B- from Mr. Crocker!
Timmy as Mom: Gee, that sounds great.
Mom as Timmy: Are you kidding, it was terrible. Those people are bananas! [points to the people on the bus, who yell: "Springtime!"] Well now I understand Timmy perfectly. He's so well adjusted compared to those other kids. And that means I'm a great parent!

Mom: Mom powers activate! Form of: A cleaning tornado!

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