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Manic Mom-Day
Season 7, Episode 24
Titlecard-Manic Mom Day.jpg
Prod. Code: 113A
Premiered: September 18, 2010
Wish: Timmy & Mrs. Turner
swap bodies for a day
Written by:
  Kevin Sullivan
Storyboard by:
  Brandon Kruse
Directed by:
  Michelle Bryan
Art Direction:
  George Goodchild
Music Direction:
  Guy Moon
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Manic Mom-Day is the twenty-fourth episode of Season 7.


Wanda swaps Timmy and his mother's brains for a day to make him realize a mother's life isn't very easy!


While Timmy was playing video games, Mrs. Turner was having a rough time doing house jobs. So when she overwhelmed Timmy with stuff to do, he thinks that his life is harder than hers. So Wanda, as a mom, tells him he has no idea what motherhood is like, so both of them make a bet. He and Mrs. Turner will swap minds and if Timmy can't keep up with Mrs. Turner's schedule, he will lose magic for a week, but if he does, Wanda will be a chicken for a week. So when Mom was reading a book to understand a child's mind, closed her eyes and tried to visualize Timmy's life, Wanda swapped their minds. Mrs. Turner went to school while Timmy bought stuff from a Toy Store and said how he can relax and play video games all day. But Wanda tells him he has stuff to do like clean his room. First Timmy wishes his room was clean, but Wanda said that he's Mom now and she doesn't have fairies so he has to clean his room himself. Timmy thinks it will be easy since he thinks he's not that messy but he was proven wrong when his room is nearly a swamp and a squid monster got Cosmo.

At the school bus, Francis confronts Mrs. Turner, when she reads her book and asks him if he has a destroyed dream, he tells her he wants to be an interpretive dancer, and both dance while A.J. tapes it. Then Timmy finishes cleaning his room and wants to relax by reading a comic book but Wanda said he'd have to clean the dishes and do the laundry. Timmy gets an idea and washes the dishes in a washing machine when Mr. Turner calls and says he forgot his lunch. So Timmy has to drive to Pencil Nexus to give his dad his lunch. When he is there Mr. Turner tries to kiss Mrs. Turner, who he doesn't know is Timmy so Timmy wishes for an electric eel but Cosmo reminds Timmy that he can't make wishes since he's a mom now. Luckily for Timmy, Cosmo keeps an eel in his pocket for emergencies. Timmy makes Mr. Turner kiss an electric eel, making him think that their "spark" is back.

Timmy and Mom's brain swap.

At school, Crocker gives Mrs. Turner an F, so she asks him if he gives F's to himself. Although that his mother's book is being used, he suddenly opens up to Mom and they dance ballerina together. Later Timmy has to buy clothes at the Dimmsdale Mall, with his enemy being Mrs. Hempel. He managed to buy socks, and then the monster of Timmy's room comes and grabs Mrs. Hempel's cart's wheels, making both carts collide. Mrs. Hempel's cart hits a giant soda pop display and the mall explodes, with Timmy landing in his front garden.

At school, it's lunchtime, and Trixie says she won't talk to Timmy, but when Mrs. Turner tells her she loves her clothing, the two become friends. At home, the dish washer explodes and Timmy realizes that he can't keep up, thus losing the bet. Wanda tells him she won't leave him without magic, because he learned a mom's life is hard.

Mrs. Turner returns and talks about her day, as Timmy believes it was joyful but she says it was actually terrible and that all of Timmy's friends and teachers are freaks. To prove her point, they are all dancing on top of the bus and she that Timmy is the only normal one. Timmy is happy that both had a hard time while Mom wants her life back. She closes her eyes to become Mom, and Wanda switches them back. They forgot about the laundry but Mrs. Turner uses her mom powers to clean up the soap. Then Mr. Turner comes back for another kiss, and Timmy offers Mrs. Turner the eel, and she replies "I taught you well".

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