Mama Cosma:Did you get the milk Cosmo? It seems that you've been gone for ten thousand years.
Cosmo:Mama, I have a confession to make. I wasn't exactly out getting milk.
Mama Cosma:Well, as long as you weren't out getting married to that Wanda girl. Then I still love you.
Cosmo:But mama, I did get married to Wanda and I had a fight with Wanda.
Mama Cosma:Oh poor Cosmo, I told you she was terrible. Good thing you didn't marry her.
Cosmo:But I did marry her. [Mama Cosma shuts the door] Huhhh. [Cosmo poofs a milk carton]
Mama Cosma: [Mama Cosma opens the door] Oh, you got the milk, then bring your single self in. There's some lovely young ladies waiting to meet you. [pulls Cosmo by the neck tie]

Mama Cosma: Girls, Cosmo's here, and he brought milk. These young nice ladies have been waitng all this time to marry you... I meet you. Now who wants some I rather dislike Wanda cookies.
Cosmo:I do I'm starved.

Mama Cosma

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