Titlecard-Apartnership Apartnership!
She appears as the main antagonist. She tries to separate Cosmo and Wanda.
Titlecard-Abra-Catastrophe Abra-Catastrophe!
She makes a cameo at the Fairy-versary Party.
Titlecard-This is Your Wish This is Your Wish
She appears trying to separate Cosmo and Wanda by sending Cosmo on a game show to show the fairies that he should be sent home to his mother instead of be a fairy godparent.
Titlecard-Wheres Wanda Where's Wanda?
She appears at the end teaching Wanda at the Fairy Academy.
Titlecard-Schools Out The Musical School's Out!: The Musical
She makes a cameo in the song, "Pull Back the Fairies".
Titlecard-Hassle in the Castle Hassle in the Castle
She appears in the bathroom when Cosmo is trying to get to the Hall of Timmy. Cosmo explains to Wanda that she is staying with them for a while.
Titlecard-Big Wanda Big Wanda
She kidnaps Big Daddy and eventually falls in love with him.
Titlecard-Presto Changeo Presto Change-O
Mama Cosma is sick and Cosmo and Wanda have to take care of her. At first, Wanda does not want to do this, but after she finds out that Mama Cosma is nice when she's sick, she is happy to help. However, since this is a limited time sickness, Mama Cosma is back to her old self by the end of the episode.
Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby Fairly Odd Baby
She first appears at the baby shower. Later, she appears reporting that Cosmo is not in his room. Later, Mama Cosma is at the hospital where she just wants to pinch the cheeks of the unnamed baby (Poof). Later, Mama Cosma helps Jorgen to find Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, and the unnamed baby. Later, Mama Cosma is ejected from the plane that Jorgen and her are in.
Titlecard-Open Wide and Say Aaagh Open Wide and Say Aaagh!
When Timmy needs to get his tonsils taken out, Mama Cosma comes to take Poof away from the sick Timmy.
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics The Fairly Oddlympics
She appears as one of the fairies participating in the games. Her most important part was when Timmy made her fall asleep so her hair, which was unusually long, could beat Anti-Cosmo and the Head Pixie in a race.
Titlecard-Odd Squad Odd Squad
Timmy and the gang think that Mama Cosma has been kidnapped, but it is revealed that she was just playing cards with some friends.


Titlecard-Jimmy Timmy Power Hour Jimmy Timmy Power Hour
Titlecard-Fairy Idol Fairy Idol
Titlecard-Mission Responsible Mission Responsible
Wanda attempted to call her for her to babysit Poof.
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