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Magic Copy Machine
Uses: Magically creating exact replicas of any scanned object
Powered by: Fairy Magic
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First Appearance:
  Hard Copy
Last Appearance:
  Escape From Unwish Island

The Magic Copy Machine is a magic, wish-granting, large-sized office copier machine that can copy anything from a catalog or magazine and turn it into a real life object.


This machine resembles a real copy machine, but instead of making paper copies, it creates a real copy of whatever it is scanning. Like a real copy machine, it can become jammed from overuse, and can also run out of toner and no longer be able to grant wishes. It also has a setting that can create a life-sized version of the object, although this may also literally bring the object to life.


This copy machine resembles any ordinary large-sized office copier machine, although it has a wand antenna and several star decorations on itself, and the button says "Wish" instead of "Copy".


While Wanda was taking Cosmo to the doctor for his millennial check-up, Timmy needed a way to get wishes, so Wanda left him this copy machine so that he could copy a Flipsie doll from a toy catalog. However, that wasn't enough for Timmy, and he began to copy more and more stuff. When he switched the copier over to life sized mode and copied a Dark Laser toy, he came to life and used the Magic Copy Machine to create a toy robot army of his own. Without wishes, Timmy had to use her to create a spaceship that he could fight off Dark Laser in.


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