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Maddie Taylor
Maddie Taylor in 2016
Personal Information
Born Matthew William Taylor
December 31, 1966 (1966-12-31) (age 54)
Flint, Michigan
Occupation Voice Actor/Comedian

Maddie Taylor (born December 31, 1966 in Flint, Michigan as Matthew William Taylor) is an American voice actress and comedian. She is best known as the voices of Elliot (previously Joel McHale), Ian (previously Patrick Warburton), Reilly (previously Jon Favreau), Buddy, Deni, and many others in the Open Season franchise. She voiced Verminious Snaptrap and other characters in "T.U.F.F Puppy".

Within the series, her biggest role was voicing Sparky, a member of the main cast in Season 9, however, she also voiced a few other characters within the series.

Characters Voiced


  • Maddie is quoted as saying her favorite Butch Hartman role is Snaptrap. "For it's a blast to play a raging lunatic." [1]
  • She has stated that her favourite roles to play are villainous roles.
  • Maddie was generally credited as Matthew W. Taylor or Matt Taylor until 2016, when she began transitioning from male to female.

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