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This article is about the book adaption. For the actual episode, see Love Struck!.

Love Struck!
Author: David Lewman
Illustrator: Jason Fruchter
Released: 2004
Publisher: Simon Spotlight
Pages: 24
ISBN: 0689863233

Love Struck! is a children's book based on the episode of the same name from Season 3.

Product summary

When Timmy's attempt to make Trixie Tang his Valentine ends in humiliating failure, he wishes that he lived in a world without girls. POOF! He gets his wish, but with the boys and girls separated, love is disappearing -- and it's killing Cupid!

Will Timmy be able to get the men and women back together so the world will once again be filled with love? 

The clock is ticking!


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Differences between the book and the episode


The book's illustration of a deleted scene from the episode.

  • The scenes between the opening scene at Fairy World and Timmy at Trixie's house are skipped.
  • Immediately following Mom saying she wants to call her waffle iron "Dad", Tootie pulls out a dollhouse, saying "I'm naming this dollhouse 'Timmy.'" This appeared in the episode's script.


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