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These are the title cards used in the series.

NOTE: Only includes the title cards up to Man's Worst Friend.

Season 0 (Oh Yeah! Cartoons)

Title Card Episode Description
Titlecard-The Fairly OddParents
The Fairly OddParents! In a white BG, there are Cosmo and Wanda on their early designs
Titlecard-Too Many Timmys
Too Many Timmys! On a pink-purplish BG, we see the Timmys walking to the left
Titlecard-Wheres the Wand
Where's the Wand? We see Vicky peeking from a wall, and a wand on the floor
Titlecard-Party of Three
Party of Three! We see Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda apparently floating
Titlecard-The Fairy Flu
The Fairy Flu! We see the Timmy's neighborhood, as moves. A butterfly's passing
Titlecard-The Temp
The Temp! Timmy is on the wall, looks scared of Jeff (we see his hat shadow)
Titlecard-The Zappys
The Zappys! Cosmo and Wanda are flying in circles
Titlecard-Scouts Honor
Scout's Honor A hand is holding a switzer razor, which has two wands
Titlecard-The Really Bad Day
The Really Bad Day! Cosmo is in a spotlight, his shadow is in an evil-criature shape
Titlecard-Super Humor
Super Humor A superhero chest is shown

Season 1

Title Card Episode Description Trivia Appearances
Titlecard-The Big Problem
The Big Problem!

Timmy is shown against a wall, his shadow projects an adult silhouette

Music: A short tune with some noises in it. That music would be used again in Dread N' Breakfast (Season 6), and in Desperate Without Housewives (Season 9)

Timmy (1)
Titlecard-Power Mad
Power Mad!

Timmy is against a big TV, he's holding a joystick.

Music: A videogame-like tune

The console that Timmy is playing, looks like an Atari 2600 Timmy (2)
Titlecard-Spaced Out
Spaced Out

Timmy is in guard, but an alien-creature is behind of him

Music: A silly short tune

Timmy (3)

Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda are advancing through an school's hallway, Crocker is peeking behind a locker.

Music: A strange feeling tune

  • Timmy (4)
  • Cosmo (1)
  • Wanda (1)
  • Crocker (1)
Titlecard-A Wish Too Far
A Wish Too Far!

Timmy is "floating" behind Trixie, Timmy has some hearts around him.

Music: A soft short tune.

  • Timmy (5)
  • Trixie (1)
Titlecard-Tiny Timmy
Tiny Timmy!

Timmy (in a small size) is running, while a magnifier shows a close-up of him.

Music: An odd-short tune.

Timmy (6)

Titlecard-Father Time
Father Time!

Timmy's dad is shown in the center of a clock, his arms are the clock arms.

Music: A futuristic theme that would be used again in Future Lost (Season 5)

First time Timmy's absent of a title card Mr. Turner (1)
Apartnership! Music: An adaptation of "The Spanish Flea"
  • Cosmo (2)
  • Wanda (2)
Titlecard-Chin Up
Chin Up!

Timmy is standing in the Crimson Chin's chin.

Music: The Crimson Chin Theme

The title card is made in a comic book style
  • Timmy (7)
  • CC (1)
Titlecard-Dogs Day Afternoon
Dog's Day Afternoon

Timmy is walking in four "legs" and is holding a bone with his mouth

Music: A short keyboard theme that would be used again in Mr. Right! (Season 4)

Timmy (8)

Titlecard-Dream Goat
Dream Goat!

Timmy is in an heroical pose sitting on Chompy

Music: An heroic theme

  • Timmy (9)
  • Chompy (1)
Titlecard-The Same Game
The Same Game

Cosmo and Wanda are in the middle of the same blob people.

Music: A mystery theme.

  • Cosmo (3)
  • Wanda (3)
Titlecard-Christmas Everyday
Christmas Everyday!

An animated gag involving Chester and AJ.

Music: A Christmas-oriented theme

  • Chester (1)
  • AJ (1)

Season 2

Boys in the Band Someone (likely Chip Skylark) playing a guitar.

Music :Rock & Roll (a)

Hex Games Timmy riding a Scooter.

Music:Rock & Roll (b)

Timmy Turner
Boy Toy Timmy inside a Crimson Chin toy box.

Music: The Big Superhero Wish!

Inspection Detection Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda in a "jail".

Music: Horror Weirdos