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The Fairly OddParents!, Season 6
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Series: The Fairly OddParents!
Original run:  (2008-02-18)February 18, 2008 - August 12, 2009 (2009-08-12)
Production Information
Production studio:
  Billionfold Studios
Frederator Studios
No. of episodes:
  Nickelodeon (2008-2015)
Nicktoons Network (2008-present)
DVD Release:
  November 18, 2008 (Volume 1)
April 3, 2014 (Complete)
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The sixth season debuted on February 18, 2008, with the TV movie "Fairly Odd Baby" ended on August 12, 2009, with the premiere of "Momnipresent". The season did not premiere until nearly two years after the first cancellation of The Fairly OddParents.

Cast and Crew

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Character Debuts

One Time Characters


Title card # in Season (Total) Title Original airdate Production code U.S. viewers
Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby
1 (131) "Fairly Odd Baby"  (2008-02-18)February 18, 2008 81-82 8.81
When Timmy Turner wishes up a baby for Cosmo and Wanda to fulfill their never-ending desire to be parents, the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies join forces to use the baby's untapped magic to take over the universe. It's up to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen Von Strangle to make sure the first fairy baby born in thousands of years is safe with its new family.
First Appearance: Poof
Starring: IconPoof IconCosmo IconWanda IconTimmy IconJorgen IconAnticosmo IconHP more... Headgag: Baby bottle
Titlecard-Mission Responsible
2 (132) "Mission Responsible"  (2008-03-10)March 10, 2008 83A N/A
Cosmo and Wanda are exhausted from taking care of Poof, so Timmy volunteers to take over and give them a night on the town. The minute they poof away, Timmy loses Poof and must find him before Dark Laser can get a hold of him!
Starring: IconTimmy IconPoof more... Headgag: Dark Laser
3 (133) "Hairicane"  (2008-03-11)March 11, 2008 83B N/A
Timmy Turner wishes for an indestructible luscious hairstyle so his dad doesn't give him anymore haircuts. The problem is, Timmy's hair is so good it has a personality of its own, and soon it becomes jealous of Timmy's friends and wants to consume all of Dimmsdale in a mass of hair! Meanwhile, Wanda brings Poof to the barber, Dr. Rip Studwell for a haircut, but Poof is resistant.
Starring: IconTimmy IconWanda IconPoof more... Headgag: Dark Laser
Titlecard-Open Wide and Say Aaagh
4 (134) "Open Wide and Say Aaagh!"  (2008-03-12)March 12, 2008 84A N/A
Timmy needs to go to the hospital to get his tonsils removed. Unfortunately for him, Vicky is working a side-job there as a candy striper nurse, and to make matters worse, performing the surgery is the incompetent ex-veterinarian, Dr. Snipowitz!
Starring: IconTimmy IconVicky more... Headgag: Crossbones
Titlecard-Odd Pirates
5 (135) "Odd Pirates"  (2008-03-13)March 13, 2008 84B N/A
The Dimmsdale Pirates opening game is today, and everyone except Timmy is going. Timmy wishes he was at the game, but when Wanda lets Poof make the wish, they end up on a real Pirate Ship. The wands get stolen, they get trapped in a net, and almost get attacked by crocodiles. When Timmy opens his big mouth, the pirate ship becomes land-born. The real pirates attack Pirate Stadium, and the Pirates baseball team helps defeat them.
Starring: IconTimmy IconPoof IconWanda IconCosmo more... Headgag: Crossbones
Titlecard-The Fairly Oddlympics
6 (136) "The Fairly Oddlympics"  (2008-08-01)August 1, 2008 85 N/A
Timmy Turner, who is tired of being the "guinea pig" of spats between the Fairies, Pixies, and Anti-Fairies, wishes for a competition to see who's the best magical creature. Jorgen won't let any other fairies to compete because he is the strongest, but after he wins the first five medals, Anti-Cosmo and H.P. knock out Jorgen, leaving his wimpier brethren at the mercy of the Pixies and Anti-Fairies. Timmy becomes the fairies' trainer and makes a bet: if Anti-Cosmo wins, Timmy will be his godchild, if H.P. wins, Timmy will work for him forever, and if Timmy wins he'll make HP and Anti-Cosmo do something really bad.
One Time Appearance: Scott Hamilton
Starring: IconTimmy IconCosmo IconWanda IconPoof IconJorgen IconAnticosmo IconHP more... Headgag: Scott Hamilton
Titlecard-Odd Squad
7 (137) "Odd Squad"  (2008-05-12)May 12, 2008 86A N/A
Timmy wishes Cosmo was a talking car so that he and his fairies can search for the missing Mama Cosma.
Starring: IconTimmy IconCosmo IconMamacosma more... Headgag: Television set
Titlecard-For Emergencies Only
8 (138) "For Emergencies Only"  (2008-05-13)May 13, 2008 86B N/A
Feeling that Cosmo and Wanda are neglecting him for Poof, Timmy convinces his godparents to give him his own magic wand that can grant ten wishes. Wanda warns him to only to use it for emergencies, but Timmy quickly wastes all the wishes on impressing Trixie Tang, and has none left when one of his wishes, a science project robot, goes rogue and starts terrorizing the school.
Starring: IconTimmy IconTrixie IconFrancis IconWanda more... Headgag: Television set
Titlecard-Land Before Timmy
10 (140) "Land Before Timmy"  (2008-05-15)May 15, 2008 87B N/A
When Timmy wishes for a simpler world, everyone is transported to prehistoric times, and when volcanoes hit prehistorical Dimmsdale (Dimmsrock), Timmy has to find a way to power Cosmo and Wanda's wands before the city burns down, but their wands need electricity and that hasn't been invented yet!
Starring: IconTimmy IconCosmo IconWanda more... Headgag: Cheese
Titlecard-King Chang
12 (142) "King Chang"  (2008-05-16)May 16, 2008 88A N/A
When Mark Chang celebrates his one year anniversary on Earth, he decides to go return to Yugopotamia and he marries Princess Mandie and become king while his father, King Gripullon, disguises himself as Timmy and goes to Earth. Mandie takes over Yugopotamia with an iron fist, but even that isn't enough, she wants another planet as well: Earth.
Starring: IconMark IconMandie more... Headgag: Mark Chang (alien)
Titlecard-The End of the Universeity
13 (143) "The End of the Universe-ity"  (2008-08-11)August 11, 2008 88B N/A
After failing to destroy The Earth once again, Dark Laser decides to get Timmy to join his side instead by tricking Timmy into wearing a dark suit that allows him to perform actions Da Rules normally wouldn't let him use Cosmo and Wanda for.
Starring: IconDarklaser IconTimmy more... Headgag: Mark Chang (alien)
Titlecard-Sooper Poof
14 (144) "Sooper Poof"  (2008-08-12)August 12, 2008 89A N/A
While Poof is practicing how to shapeshift, he is discovered by Mr. and Mrs. Turner who believe that he is an alien super baby that they need to raise to fight for justice and truth! Now Timmy Turner must find a way to get Poof back before his real identity is discovered, and Cosmo and Wanda cannot just wish Poof away because Timmy's parents have fallen in love with him!
Starring: IconPoof IconMom IconDad more... Headgag: Monster Poof
Titlecard-Wishing Well
15 (145) "Wishing Well"  (2008-08-13)August 13, 2008 89B N/A
After Timmy wears Cosmo and Wanda out with over-wishing, so Jorgen von Strangle takes Timmy to a wish rehabilitation facility called "Wishing Well" to learn to be more independent and wish-dependent along with two other kids named Molly and Dwight, but the three are unable to cope with the conditions, so they attempt to mount an escape instead!
One Time Appearances: Dwight, Molly, Swizzle, Irving
Starring: IconTimmy IconJorgen more... Headgag: Monster Poof
Titlecard-Wishy Washy
16 (146) "Wishy Washy"  (2008-08-14)August 14, 2008 90A N/A
Timmy wishes for a super car wash that rejuvenates everything that goes through it in order to repair his dad's old Striker Z sports car. It works, but when dinosaur fossils and cavemen go through it, Dimmsdale is in Prehistoric chaos. Cosmo and Wanda also go through it, and they are turned into rebellious teens, causing Poof to disappear since they never married or had him. Timmy must find a way to convince his fairies to act normal again to return everything to normal.
Starring: IconTimmy IconDad IconCosmo IconWanda more... Headgag: Raccoon
Titlecard-Poofs Playdate
17 (147) "Poof's Playdate"  (2008-08-15)August 15, 2008 90B N/A
When Wanda feels that Poof needs baby bonding, Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda's fairy friends were babies by inviting them to his house under the pretense of a "pancake party". Trouble arises when Cosmo poofs himself and Wanda into babies to join in on the fun. Meanwhile, Mom and Dad want to bond with Timmy after watching a show called "Dr. Bill".
Starring: IconPoof IconTimmy IconMom IconDad IconCosmo IconWanda IconJorgen IconToothfairy IconJuandissimo more... Headgag: Raccoon
Titlecard-Merry Wishmas
11 (141) "Merry Wishmas"  (2008-12-12)December 12, 2008 91 N/A
After no one in Dimmsdale gets the gifts that they want for Christmas, Timmy Turner wishes that Cosmo, Wanda and Poof could give everyone a wish-granting coupon in the mail. Things go wrong when Vicky wishes for a million wishes causing her mailbox to explode, and everyone catches the falling wishes, thus causing the Big Wand to overload. Jorgen von Strangle has to shut off the fairies magic power. Soon, Christmas is replaced with "Wishmas" and an unemployed Santa Claus moves in with the Turners. Timmy must devise a way to end Wishmas and get Santa back to the North Pole.
Starring: IconSantaclaus IconCosmo IconWanda IconTimmy IconDad IconJorgen more... Headgag: Snowman
Titlecard-Vicky Gets Fired
18 (148) "Vicky Gets Fired"  (2008-11-30)November 30, 2008 92A N/A
After Vicky gets fired for erasing a videotape that the Turners were saving so that they could use it to get their own reality show, she decides to take over Dimmsdale and wage war on Earth. Timmy Turner must now stop her and return her to babysitting at all costs! Unfortunately, every time Timmy wishes she wasn't the ruler of something, she assumes the role of a more powerful position until she becomes the "Supreme Ruler Of Everything That Breathes".
Starring: IconVicky IconTimmy IconMayor IconChompy more... Headgag: Crimson Chin
Titlecard-Chindred Spirits
19 (149) "Chindred Spirits"  (2008-11-30)November 30, 2008 92B N/A
Timmy discovers that the current lameness of the recent issues of Crimson Chin comics is because that the Chin is lonely, so Timmy wishes himself to Chincinnati and creates a super heroine match for the Crimson Chin called "Golden Locks". But when the comics get too mushy, Timmy changes her into a villain called "Hair Razor", and must now change her back to avoid the Chin's end.
First Appearances: Golden Locks / Hair Razor
Starring: IconCrimsonchin IconTimmy more... Headgag: Crimson Chin
Titlecard-9 Lives
20 (150) "9 Lives!"  (2008-11-30)November 30, 2008 93A N/A
After Catman keeps injuring himself and others by crime-fighting, Timmy Turner convinces him to quit being a hero by telling him that he has used up all but one of his nine lives. With the now-retired Catman living with him, Timmy tries to find a safer job for him, but each job leads to someone/something getting attacked.
Starring: IconTimmy more... Headgag: Red cat
Titlecard-Dread N Breakfast
21 (151) "Dread 'N' Breakfast"  (2008-11-30)November 30, 2008 93B N/A
When Mr. Turner quits his job to become a sock monkey salesman (which fails horribly because no one buys them, noting they don't do anything), the Turners turn their house into a bed and breakfast inn to avoid bankruptcy. Unfortunately, their first guests are Mr. Crocker, Dark Laser, and Tootie. Timmy cannot make any wishes to rid himself of his guests, because if he does then Crocker's Magic Detectors will track the magic back to his fairies and capture them!
Starring: IconTimmy IconTootie IconCrocker IconDarklaser more... Headgag: Red cat
Titlecard-Birthday Bashed
22 (152) "Birthday Bashed!"  (2009-07-09)July 9, 2009 94A N/A
Timmy looks forward to his birthday until Jorgen von Strangle reminds him that each birthday draws him a year closer to losing his fairies; however, Timmy isn't worried because his parents always forget his birthday; that is until he sees them setting up his party decorations!
Starring: IconTimmy IconJorgen IconMom IconDad IconCosmo IconWanda IconChip more... Headgag: Birthday gift
23 (153) "Momnipresent"  (2009-08-12)August 12, 2009 94B N/A
Timmy doesn't want to spent time with his mother doing boring things, so Timmy tries to wish her away, but she comes back every time, and anywhere Timmy goes she knows where he is!
Starring: IconMom IconTimmy more... Headgag: Birthday gift


  • This is the first post-cancellation season.
  • This is the first time a new character has been added to the main cast with Poof.
  • Most of the episodes aired day after day, or two or three months after the previous one that they are paired with, for example, Birthday Bashed! airing months before Momnipresent.
  • Chip Skylark makes his brief official return with his final singing role in "Birthday Bashed!", six years after his last official appearance in "Chip Off The Old Chip". This is also the final season Chip makes any physical appearance before Nickelodeon retired him from the show, along with Britney Britney, who also lacked her appearance after "The Masked Magician".
  • This is the first season to air only one 11-minute segment episode instead of two 11-minute segments.
  • This is the first season to be produced by Billionfold Studios.
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