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This is a list of The Fairly OddParents print media, including comic books, chapter books, and picture books, released for The Fairly OddParents.


Nickelodeon Magazine

These comics were published in the now defunct Nickelodeon Magazine.

Story title Issue
Rubber and Glue November 2002
Hear Hear June/July 2003
Fun House February 2004
Elmerella June/July 2004
Breakin' All the Speed Rules! March 2005
Summer Bummer June/July 2005
Science vs. Magic February 2006
Dimension Intervention June/July 2006
Baby Factory March 2007
Poof Proof September 2008
It Was A Dark and Stormy Dinner Time November 2009

Nickelodeon Magazine Presents / Nickelodeon Comics

Story title Issue
The Big Surprise NMP Maximum Rocket Power (Spring 2002)
Will the Real Cosmo Please Stand Up? NMP The Fairly OddParents (Summer 2003)
Fairly Odd Primates
Power Play!
Pack of Lies
Untold Tales From the Big Superhero Wish! NMP The Fairly OddParents: When Chins Collide! (Spring 2004)
Escape from Earth-L!
Friendly Francis NMP All Grown Up: Angelica Turns Lucky 13! (Fall 2004)
It's Not Over Till the Babysitter Sings NMP The Fairly OddParents: Bustin' Out! (Summer 2005)
Career Day! NMP Nicktoons Summer Splash-tacular! (Summer 2006)
Cower Hour!
Animal Magnetism The Best of Nickelodeon Magazine All-Animal Special! (Summer 2007)
Camped Out NC: The Fairly OddParents: Big Fun Headed Your Way! (February 2009)


The Los Padrinos Mágicos comic book

Comic books released in Mexico and Latin America, in Spanish, with stories featuring characters from "The Fairly OddParents" (Los Padrinos Mágicos in Spanish).

Issue Story title English Translation
Issue #1 El devorador de basura The Garbage Eater
El servicio de niñera de Vicky The Babysitter Vicky
Issue #2 Amor de Playa Love Beach
Vieja Tradicion Familiar Old Family Tradition
Issue #3 ¡Aguas Peligroasas! Dangerous Waters
El Regalo Perfecto The Perfect Gift
Issue #4 Un Cuento de Hadas A Fairy Tale
¡¡Misión Catuna!! Mission Catuna
Issue #5 ¡Dulzura Extrema! Sweetness Extreme
¡La Magia Del Futbol! The Magic of Football
Issue #6 La Pijamada de Timanta The Sleepover of Timantha
Fiebre de Celular Celluar Fever
Issue #7 ¡Un Buen Negocio! A Good Business
Juego de Personalidades Game Personalities
Issue #8 Una Antibromo Magica A Magic Antibromo
Cosmo el Recluta Cosmo the Recruit
Issue #9 Una Mascota Peligrosa A Dangerous Dog
El Gran Escapa de Apa The Great Escape Apa
Issue #10 La Vengaza del Doctor Vulcan The Revenge of Dr. Vulcan
El Canot de Amor, por Wanda The Song of Love by Wanda

Os Padrinhos Mágicos em Quadrinhos

Comic books released monthly on Brazil, in Portuguese, from February 2007 to March 2010, with stories based on episodes of "The Fairly OddParents" (Os Padrinhos Mágicos in Portuguese).

Issue Story title English Translation
Issue #1 O Grande Problema The Big Problem!
Issue #2 Queda de Energia Power Mad!
Issue #3 Desejando Demais A Wish Too Far!
Issue #4 Micro Timmy Tiny Timmy!
Issue #5 Deu Bode no Sonho Dream Goat!
Issue #6 O Que Aconteceria Se Todo Mundo Fosse Igual? What Would Happen If Everyone Looked the Same? (based on "The Same Game")
Issue #7 Um Garoto de Brinquedo Boy Toy
Issue #8 Bola Fora Foul Balled
Issue #9 Inspeção de Detecção Inspection Detection
Issue #10 Meninos e Meninas The Boy Who Would Be Queen
Issue #11 Nem Aí Ruled Out
Issue #12 É A Vida! That's Life!
Issue #13 Lá Fora no Espaço Spaced Out
Issue #14 Nos Tempos do Pai Father Time!
Issue #15 Garotos na Banda Boys in the Band
Issue #16 Jogos Radicais Hex Games (last issue)


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