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This is a list of locations in The Fairly OddParents universe of Dimmsdale, Yugopotamia, and millions of other universes from The Fairly OddParents.

Main settings


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Dimmsdale is an American city on Earth, in the state of California. It is the home of Timmy Turner, and therefore the main setting of The Fairly OddParents. Dimmsdale is a large sprawling city, with a downtown area full of skyscrapers and high rise buildings, and a more suburban area where Timmy and his family live. There are also more extravagant residences in Dimmsdale, including mansions and skyscraper penthouses.

Places of interest in Dimmsdale

City buildings

Fairy World

Main article: Fairy World

The world from which the Fairy race comes from. Cosmo and Wanda frequently are required to return to Fairy World, be it for training, punishment, family matters, or simply to bring Timmy to events going on within. The planet is connected to Earth by a Rainbow Bridge. Fairy World has been destroyed countless times, and was at one point revealed to be built and suspended over a planet made out of acid. Jorgen von Strangle, the strongest fairy, lives here

Places of interest in Fairy World

Other buildings
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