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Titlecard-Hail to the Chief.jpg
19 (32) "Hail to the Chief"  (2002-09-27)September 27, 2002 17A N/A
Tired of the Student Body Co-Presidents, Tad and Chad, pushing everyone under them around, Timmy challenges them in the school election and wins. Timmy likes the attention his new position gives him at first, especially when Trixie takes a liking toward him, but no one can get near him because his bodyguards, Chester and A.J., follow him around everywhere, even into the bathroom stalls!
Debut Appearance: Sanjay
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconTad.png IconChad.png IconTrixie.png IconChester.png IconAj.png more... Headgag: George Washington bust
3 (133) "Hairicane"  (2008-03-11)March 11, 2008 83B N/A
Timmy Turner wishes for an indestructible luscious hairstyle so his dad doesn't give him anymore haircuts. The problem is, Timmy's hair is so good it has a personality of its own, and soon it becomes jealous of Timmy's friends and wants to consume all of Dimmsdale in a mass of hair! Meanwhile, Wanda brings Poof to the barber, Dr. Rip Studwell for a haircut, but Poof is resistant.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png more... Headgag: Dark Laser
Titlecard-Hard Copy.jpg
4 (72) "Hard Copy"  (2003-11-14)November 14, 2003 42A N/A
While Wanda is taking Cosmo to a trip to the doctor's office, he is diagnosed with a terrible disease: Stupidity. Meanwhile, Timmy is left alone with a magic copier machine that allows him to bring any object he scans from a magazine to life. After pressing the "life-sized button", Timmy scans a Dark Laser action figure that comes out standing full-sized and taller than an adult. However, after Timmy leaves to go find some of his father's magazines to copy, Dark Laser comes to life, and uses the copier machine to scan an army of killer robots to invade Dimmsdale with!
First Appearances: Dr. Rip Studwell, Dark Laser, Flipsie
Starring: IconDarklaser.png IconTimmy.png IconWanda.png IconCosmo.png more... Headgag: Pencil
CuW - Hare Raiser.png
27 (270) "Hare Raiser" July 26, 2017 (Nicktoons) 167A
Despite Timmy's warnings, Chloe wants to free the supposedly "dangerous" class hare.
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Mr. Cuddles
Titlecard-Hassle in the Castle.jpg
15 (111) "Hassle in the Castle"  (2005-05-12)May 12, 2005 66A N/A
Timmy visits the inside of Cosmo and Wanda's Castle, which is in their fishbowl, and learns that they have a Hall of Fame. Timmy wonders why he is not represented there. He also discovers the Hall of Infamy and meets the "trouble-makers." One takes the fairies' wands, so how will Timmy get them back?
One Time Appearance: Maryann
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Castle
Titlecard-He Poofs He Scores.jpg
21 (175) "He Poofs He Scores"  (2010-04-06)April 6, 2010 111B N/A
Timmy Turner is trying out for the local soccer team, the Dimmsdale Victims, which are coached by his father, who wants to beat Dinkleberg's team, The Dinkle Ducks. However, Timmy costs his team the game and his father benches him. While eating his breakfast, Timmy accidentally swallows Poof who enters Timmy's brain and uses magic to enhance Timmy's skills, turning him into an all-star soccer player. Because his newfound powers are considered cheating by Da Rules, Timmy must keep his fairies distracted long enough so that he can win the championship for his father's team!
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconDad.png IconDinkle.png IconPoof.png IconTootie.png more... Headgag:
20 (220) "Hero Hound" July 7, 2014 137B 1.6
Timmy wishes that Sparky would get a chance to be heroic. Dad thinks that he can talk to animals.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconDad.png IconChet.png more... Headgag: Toilet
Titlecard-Hex Games.jpg
2 (15) "Hex Games"  (2002-03-01)March 1, 2002 8B N/A
Timmy is tired of his friends getting kicked out of the skate park by the "Skate Queen" Vicky, who is one of the best skaters at the skate park right beside Timmy. He challenges her to a skating competition. If she wins, the skate park will be in her clutches and everyone under age sixteen will be banned. If Timmy wins, he and his friends will be allowed to skate free on any ramp of their choice. He must train very hard since Vicky is a more experienced skater than him, and his fairies cannot help him win a competition with their magic!
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconVicky.png IconAj.png IconChester.png IconWanda.png IconCosmo.png more... Headgag: Guitar
20 (88) "Homewrecker"  (2004-06-18)June 18, 2004 50B N/A
When Vicky trashes Timmy's house and blames Timmy, his parents believe her. They send him to a "bad seed program", at Vicky's house (for an additional price). Timmy must clean Vicky's house and knows that she would blame him if he trashes her house in revenge. Timmy wishes that Vicky's house would become very messy, but how will he avoid blame? To make matters worse, Tootie puts the fairies' magical wands with her toy wand collection. How will he get their wands back in time? How will he outsmart Vicky when his parents come to pick him up at Vicky's house and she blames him for the mess again?
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconVicky.png IconTootie.png more... Headgag: Mr. Turner

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