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Titlecard-Genie Meanie Minie Mo.jpg
27 (95) "Genie Meanie Minie Mo"  (2005-01-17)January 17, 2005 56B N/A
Timmy discovers Norm the Genie. Norm offers to grant him three rule-free wishes. Timmy wishes for "love" because they are no limits, but does not get what he wants from the trickster genie. What will he wish for next?
First Appearance: Norm the Genie
Starring: IconNorm.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Norm the Genie
GirlySquirrely Titlecard.jpg
4 (247) "Girly Squirrely" February 5, 2016 155A 1.3
Chloe joins the Squirrely Scouts and saves the troop by helping them get their first merit badge.
Debut Appearance: Ricky, Stuart, Kevin
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconDad.png more... Headgag: Gift
Titlecard-Go Young West Man.jpg
5 (101) "Go Young, West Man!"  (2005-05-09)May 9, 2005 61A N/A
Timmy wishes Catman into his childhood TV series form, Catkid, so that he could do things he couldn't as a child actor. Timmy takes him around town to enjoy the things normal kids do, and have an excuse to get out of school on top of it. Timmy's absence is noticed by Principal Waxelplax, who sends the truancy officer Shallowgrave to retrieve him, dead or alive.
First Appearance: Shallowgrave
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconWaxelplax.png more... Headgag: Birthday gift
Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears.png
36 (279) "Goldie-Crocks and the Three Fair Bears" July 19, 2017 (Nicktoons) 172A
Yet another Squirrely Scout camping trip goes bad when Mr. Crocker and the Fair Bears show up.
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconCrocker.png IconDad.png more... Headgag: Happy Ray
GoneFlushin Titlecard.jpg
36 (236) "Gone Flushin'" July 22, 2014 145B 1.6
Dad flushes Timmy and the fairies down the toilet.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconDad.png IconMom.png more... Headgag: Walrus

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