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Titlecard-Fairly Odd Baby.jpg
1 (131) "Fairly Odd Baby"  (2008-02-18)February 18, 2008 81-82 8.81
When Timmy Turner wishes up a baby for Cosmo and Wanda to fulfill their never-ending desire to be parents, the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies join forces to use the baby's untapped magic to take over the universe. It's up to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen Von Strangle to make sure the first fairy baby born in thousands of years is safe with its new family.
First Appearance: Poof
Starring: IconPoof.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconTimmy.png IconJorgen.png IconAnticosmo.png IconHP.png more... Headgag: Baby bottle
42 (242) "Fairly Odd Fairy Tales" August 1, 2014 151[1] 2.1 [2]
When Poof has trouble falling asleep, Wanda tries to help by reading him a book of classic fairy tales with a fairly odd twist.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconJuandissimo.png IconJorgen.png IconFoop.png IconCupid.png IconToothfairy.png more... Headgag: Sparky
Titlecard-Fairly OddPet.jpg
1 (201) "Fairly OddPet"  (2013-03-23)March 23, 2013 127 3.9[3]
Timmy adopts a mischievous and magical fairy dog named Sparky. However, owning a fairy dog proves to be a much bigger challenge than Timmy could have ever predicted.
First Appearance: Sparky
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconDad.png IconJorgen.png IconChet.png more... Headgag: Sparky
37 (237) "Fairly Old Parent" March 28, 2015 146[4] 1.95[5]
Poof has developed enough magic power and receives his first job. He will become the Fairy GodFather of Mrs. Crocker. Timmy and Poofs parents, Cosmo and Wanda, are so unhappy about that, they risk everything to fetch Poof back. But since fairy godparents are always sent to unhappy people, they must ensure that, for the first time, Mrs. Crocker is happy.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconDolores.png more... Headgag: Fire Hydrant
Titlecard-Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary.jpg
17 (30) "Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary"  (2002-09-13)September 13, 2002 16A N/A
Timmy becomes suspicious of a rich boy named Remy Buxaplenty when he can be better anything than Timmy is, and can even be in the Crimson Chin Comic Book as well. He discovers that Remy has a Fairy Godparent. Wanda knows who it is but won't tell Timmy, until he wishes she would tell him. Remy's fairy turns out to be Juandissimo Magnifico, Wanda's ex-boyfriend. Remy discovers Timmy's fairies and to make sure Timmy doesn't wish he was richer than him, challenges Timmy to a Magical Duel, where the loser loses his fairies and forgets he ever had them.
Debut Appearance: Mr. & Mrs. Buxaplenty (faces not shown), Remy Buxaplenty, Juandissimo Magnifico
Starring: Iconremy.png IconJuandissimo.png IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconJorgen.png more... Headgag: Lemon
Fairy Con.png
19 (262) "Fairy Con" June 28, 2017 (Nicktoons) 163A
Mr. Crocker makes clones of Cosmo and Wanda in order to access a fairy convention and swipe the fairies' magic.
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconCrocker.png more... Headgag: Chicken Leg
Titlecard-Fairy Friends and Neighbors.jpg
17 (85) "Fairy Friends & Neighbors!"  (2004-11-27)November 27, 2004 49A N/A
Mr. and Mrs. Turner have caused the adult neighbors to avoid them. They take Timmy with them instead, when they go out. The problem with that is: Timmy is bored or disgusted by such places (i.e. a restaurant that serves snails, or the boring opera.) Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda would become the adult friends of his parents, so Timmy need not go to boring places. The problem is: now Mr. and Mrs. Turner go to the fun places...and Timmy wants to go with them but is not allowed. To make matters worse,Vicky makes him peel onions and now his fairies are with his parents... and cannot help. Can he convince his parents to fix these problems?
First Appearance:The Feifers
One Time Appearances: The Chamberlains
Starring: IconMom.png IconDad.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Vicky disappears
Titlecard-Fairy Idol.jpg
33 (129) "Fairy Idol"  (2006-05-19)May 19, 2006 75-76 N/A
Norm the Genie returns and tricks Cosmo and Wanda into disliking Timmy by replacing him with a selfish, unappreciative clone. When Cosmo and Wanda quit, a singing contest is held in Fairy World to determine who gets to replace Timmy's godparents. Timmy, on the other hand, has his memories wiped, but unbeknown to Jorgen, he only succeeded in wiping the Timmy clone's memory. Using a portal to Fairy World that Mr. Crocker had recently constructed, he journeys to a world where he is no longer welcome in an attempt to win back his fairy godparents' trust.
Starring: IconNorm.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Microphone
Fancy Schmancy.png
37 (280) "Fancy Schmancy" February 1, 2017 (Nicktoons) 172B 0.21
Timmy and Chloe's parents do not allow the children to celebrate their friends' day together due to social differences.
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconDad.png IconMom.png more... Headgag: Happy Ray
Titlecard-Farm Pit.jpg
36 (190) "Farm Pit"  (2012-08-05)August 5, 2012 119A N/A
Mr. Turner is sick of commuting to his job every morning, so he quits and starts up a farm around his house. This is not helped any by the fact that anything Mr. Turner touches instantly dies, so Timmy decides to help his father out by wishing for the best farm ever. Cosmo and Wanda plant super seeds which "superceded" all magic, and when Mr. Turner starts making Timmy harvest the humongous crops all by his self, he cannot unwish them easily, especially not when Cosmo and Wanda managed to get blown away to Cleveland!
Starring: IconDad.png IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag:
Titlecard-Father Time.jpg
7 (7) "Father Time!"  (2001-04-20)April 20, 2001 4A
After accidentally destroying his father's prized childhood racing trophy with heat vision, Timmy travels back in time with his fairy godparents' Time Scooter to 1970's Dimmsdale to stop his father from winning the competition in the first place, but the subsequent changes to history erase Timmy from the future after Mr. Turner never marries his wife and grows up to become a "ruthless" dictator. Timmy must revert the changes to history himself, Cosmo and Wanda cannot grant wishes to a kid that doesn't exist!
Starring: IconDad.png IconTimmy.png IconMom.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Octopus
13 (213) "Finding Emo" July 9, 2014 134A[1] 1.6[6]
To impress a girl named Missy, Timmy makes a wish to become emo and stops caring about everything.
One Time Appearance: Missy
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconJorgen.png IconSparky.png more... Headgag: Vicky turns into Sparky
Fish Out of Water.png
9 (252) "Fish Out of Water" September 12, 2016 157B 1.5
Timmy's dad wants to catch a giant fish to win a trophy. Chloe makes things more difficult when she wishes that the fish can fight back.
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconDad.png more... Headgag: Chompy the Goat
Titlecard-Five Days of FLARG.jpg
8 (104) "Five Days of F.L.A.R.G."  (2005-04-02)April 2, 2005 62B N/A
Timmy helps Mark Chang celebrate a Yugopotamian holiday in Dimmsdale. Only to find out that each day of F.L.A.R.G. has their own weird meaning that will happen to those who celebrate it. If Timmy stops Mark Chang celebrate F.L.A.R.G., his appendix will blow up and will destroy the planet, and destroying the hosting planet is how the Yugopotamians celebrate the final day of F.L.A.R.G.!
One Time Appearance: Carly
Starring: IconMark.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Blonda
Titlecard-Fly Boy.jpg
8 (162) "Fly Boy"  (2009-08-14)August 14, 2009 105A N/A
Timmy and Poof want to watch a horror movie, but are forbidden by their parents to watch the movie. They soon get poofed to fly size and a fly's head gets stuck on Timmy's body.
Guest Appearance: Dash Baxter (Danny Phantom)
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconPoof.png more... Headgag: Housefly
Titlecard-Food Fight.jpg
30 (184) "Food Fight"  (2011-07-12)July 12, 2011 116A N/A
After Timmy almost had to eat his mom's nasty food, Timmy wishes that his mom was the best cook in the world, but when she enters to a cooking competition on a television show called "Extreme Food Fight" against the greatest chefs in the world, the magic wears off and she has to face the challenge alone!
One Time Appearance: Brad Wurst, Extreme Food Fight Contestants
Starring: IconMom.png more... Headgag:
Titlecard-Fools Day Out.jpg
21 (34) "Fools Day Out"  (2002-10-11)October 11, 2002 18A N/A
Tired of being pranked by everyone (His parents, Cosmo, Wanda, his friends, and the rest of the citizens of Dimmsdale), Timmy summons the April Fool, the ultimate prankster. Unknowingly to Timmy, once the April Fool starts, he doesn't know when to stop! It's up to Timmy and his fairies to make the heckler knock it off.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Alarm clock
Titlecard-For Emergencies Only.jpg
8 (138) "For Emergencies Only"  (2008-05-13)May 13, 2008 86B N/A
Feeling that Cosmo and Wanda are neglecting him for Poof, Timmy convinces his godparents to give him his own magic wand that can grant ten wishes. Wanda warns him to only to use it for emergencies, but Timmy quickly wastes all the wishes on impressing Trixie Tang, and has none left when one of his wishes, a science project robot, goes rogue and starts terrorizing the school.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconTrixie.png IconFrancis.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Television set
Titlecard Force of Nature.jpg
8 (208) "Force of Nature" June 15, 2013 131A 3.0[7]
Timmy helps clean up a park and angers the animals when he wishes they would keep things tidy on their own.[8]
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconMark.png IconKing.png Iconqueen.png IconDad.png IconCrocker.png more... Headgag: Fire Hydrant
Titlecard-Formula For Disaster.jpg
5 (159) "Formula For Disaster"  (2009-07-07)July 7, 2009 103B N/A
Poof's refusal to take a nap and Mr. Crocker's visit to the Turner residence to complain about Timmy's bad grades leads to chaos in the Turner household when Mr. and Mrs. Turner accidentally drink Poof's formula, causing them to fall into a deep sleep, but not before they sign Timmy's life away into Crocker's military school! Cosmo and Timmy must now use his parents like string puppets to serve Mr. Crocker a dinner, and get Timmy's military school application back!
Starring: IconCrocker.png IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconDad.png IconMom.png more... Headgag: Whistle
Titlecard-Foul Balled.jpg
11 (24) "Foul Balled"  (2002-06-07)June 7, 2002 13A N/A
Timmy, tired off losing every baseball game because of Chester, who is the son of the worst baseball player in major league history, Bucky McBadbat. Timmy wishes that his best friend would become a skilled baseball player, but Chester gets on Timmy's nerves when he starts hogging every position and shunning the rest of his team.
Debut Appearance: Bucky McBadbat
Starring: IconChester.png IconTimmy.png IconBucky.png more... Headgag: Baseball
Titlecard-Freaks and Greeks.jpg
7 (161) "Freaks & Greeks"  (2009-09-30)September 30, 2009 104B N/A
Timmy wishes to be at a "real" toga party and ends up on Mount Olympus with real gods, but when he accidentally destroys their home, they decide to party at Timmy's house instead.
One Time Appearance: Zeus, Artemis, Poseidon, Bacchus
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png more... Headgag: Medusa
Titlecard-Frenemy Mine.jpg
15 (169) "Frenemy Mine"  (2009-10-16)October 16, 2009 108B N/A
After Timmy Turner saves Vicky's life after her attempt to torment him backfires, she is shunned by her fellow evil babysitters, and loses all of her friends. After Timmy suggests to her that she try being friendly, Vicky begins to smother Timmy with friendliness, and he must find a way to change her back to her mean self, since she won't let anyone else near him!
One Time Appearances: Babysitters Raging Against Twerps, Lauren Ledergerber, Mrs. Ledergerber
Starring: IconVicky.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Butch Hartman
Titlecard-Future Lost.jpg
31 (127) "Future Lost"  (2005-10-07)October 7, 2005 74B N/A
After unearthing an old comic book about the future that was written decades ago, Timmy sees what people back then envisioned what the world would be like in Timmy's time. Although they are horribly inaccurate, the idea intrigues Timmy into thinking what the world would be like if everything was more futuristic as depicted in the comic, and his daily needs tended to by robots. After granting the wish, Cosmo and Wanda disguise themselves as robots, but after an easy day of instant-learning at school, Timmy is left powerless when the robot leader revolts and takes control of Cosmo and Wanda along with it! With the help of Crocker, Timmy must find a way to stop the brain from taking over the future.
One Time Appearance: Big Brain
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCrocker.png IconDad.png IconMark.png more... Headgag: Robot


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