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Title card # in Season (Total) Title Original airdate Production code U.S. viewers
Titlecard-Emotion Commotion.jpg
16 (84) "Emotion Commotion!"  (2004-05-18)May 18, 2004 48B N/A
After an embarrassing moment at the public pool involving him losing his bathing suit in front of the whole school, including Trixie, Timmy realizes that all his problems were caused by the way he was feeling, so he wishes that he did not have any emotions. Cosmo and Wanda grant the wish, and are tasked with keeping his emotions (now in living form and running around) under wraps while Timmy goes to school to face the music. On the school bus, Veronica attempts to stir up the crowd against him, but when Timmy reacts with no emotion whatsoever, Trixie finds him cool enough for him to become her boyfriend. When Timmy does not react to this either, he is promptly dumped, and soon his lack of fear causes him to do increasingly dangerous stunts.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconTrixie.png more... Headgag: Timmy's emotions
Titlecard-The End of the Universeity.jpg
13 (143) "The End of the Universe-ity"  (2008-08-11)August 11, 2008 88B N/A
After failing to destroy The Earth once again, Dark Laser decides to get Timmy to join his side instead by tricking Timmy into wearing a dark suit that allows him to perform actions Da Rules normally wouldn't let him use Cosmo and Wanda for.
Starring: IconDarklaser.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Mark Chang (alien)
Titlecard-Engine Blocked.jpg
16 (53) "Engine Blocked"  (2003-05-09)May 9, 2003 31B N/A
Mr. Turner is going through mid-life crisis and impulsively buys the Striker Z from Vicky for cheap, even though the car wasn't even hers. Timmy's dad soon falls in love with the car and starts paying more attention to it than his son, so Timmy wishes that he was the Striker Z so he could spend time with his dad anyways and attend a car convention for adults. However, at the car convention, Vicky steals the Striker Z/Timmy car back when she learns Doug Dimmadome is willing to buy it at an inflated price, and Timmy can't wish himself back since she turned his voice (the radio) off!
Starring: IconDad.png IconTimmy.png IconVicky.png IconDoug.png more... Headgag: Engine
Titlecard-Escape From Unwish Island.jpg
11 (107) "Escape From Unwish Island"  (2005-05-11)May 11, 2005 64A N/A
Imaginary Gary, Dark Laser, and the other Unwishes that Timmy Turner has unwished over the years plot for revenge against him by kidnapping his friends and family, and then luring him to Unwish Island!
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconGary.PNG IconDarklaser.png IconMom.png IconDad.png IconChester.png IconAj.png IconSanjay.png more... Headgag: Vicky and Cosmo swap heads

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