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Title card # in Season (Total) Title Original airdate Production code U.S. viewers
Titlecard-A Bad Case of Diary-Uh.jpg
7 (75) "A Bad Case Of Diary-Uh!"  (2004-06-01)June 1, 2004 43B N/A
After Vicky uses a truth serum to make Timmy Turner spill his deepest, darkest fears, she uses this knowledge to humiliate him in front of his school. Seeking revenge, Timmy wishes for Vicky's diary so that he can use her secrets against her, and then follows her to Dimmsdale Highschool in an attempt to sabotage her attempts to woo Winston Dunnsworth, a British teenaged exchange student that Vicky crushes on.
One Time Appearance: Winston Dunnsworth
Starring: IconVicky.png IconTimmy.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Adam West
21 (221) "A Boy and His Dog-Boy" July 8, 2014 138A[1] 1.7[2]
Timmy wishes that Sparky becomes human. Now, Timmy must be a dog in Sparky's place. To make matters worse, as a dog, Timmy has many problems. How will they switch back?
Starring: IconSparky.png IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconDoug.png IconDad.png IconJorgen.png more... Headgag: Toilet
Title card Title Original airdate Episode Number U.S. Viewers (million)
Fop-christmas-nick.jpg "A Fairly Odd Christmas"  (2012-11-29)November 29, 2012 200 4.4
A sequel to the live action "Fairly Odd Movie". Timmy Turner (Drake Bell) and his well meaning fairy godparents try to save Christmas, but first he’s got to get himself off the naughty list.

First Appearances:
Dingle Dave; Christmas Carol; Elmer the Elder Elf

Starring: IconTimmy.png IconTootie.png IconCrocker.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png more...

Titlecard-GrowUpTimmyTurner.jpg "A Fairly Odd Movie: Grow Up, Timmy Turner!"  (2011-07-09)July 9, 2011 199 5.8
Timmy is no longer a 10 year old boy — he is 23, still lives at home and still attends the 5th grade! Timmy’s arrested development stems from his desire to keep his beloved fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, because “Da Rules” dictates that godchildren lose their fairies when they grow up. But when Tootie, a formerly nerdy girl who’s always had a crush on Timmy, returns to town as a gorgeous grown-up, Timmy finds himself having very adult feelings for her. He must decide whether to grow up and be with the woman he loves, or continue acting like a child to keep the fairy godparents he adores. In the meantime, Hugh J. Magnate, a larger than life oil tycoon, turns his attention to capturing Timmy’s fairies and using their power to fuel his maniacal ambition.

This is a live action adaption of The Fairly OddParents meant to celebrate its 10th anniversary as a series on Nickelodeon. It stars Drake Bell as Timmy Turner, Daniella Monet as Tootie, Devon Weigel as Vicky, and a guest appearance by Jason Alexander and Cheryl Hines as Cosmo and Wanda.

First Appearances:
Timmy Turner (Adult), Tootie (Adult), Cosmo (CGI and Live-Action), Wanda (CGI and Live-Action), Vicky (Adult), Mr. Crocker (Old), Chester McBadbat (Adult); A.J. (Adult), Hugh J. Magnate, Janice, Ravi

Starring: IconTimmy.png IconTootie.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconCrocker.png IconVicky.png IconJorgen.png IconChester.png IconAj.png more...

AFairlyOddSummer-logo.png "A Fairly Odd Summer"  (2014-08-02)August 2, 2014 244 2.8
Get ready for the oddest summer yet! Timmy Turner and his fairies are going on a summer vacation to Hawaii. But, unfortunately for Timmy, something tells us this won’t be a very relaxing holiday. With all the magic in Fairy World at stake and villains like Vicky, Foop and Crocker on his tail, there’s no way he’ll be able to enjoy himself… But that doesn’t mean you can’t! Sit back and watch Timmy’s cray cray vacay adventure in A Fairly Odd Summer!

First Appearances:
Foop (in CGI and live-action); Marty Mulligan; Mitzie Mulligan; Mr. Ed Leadly (live-action)

Starring: IconTimmy.png IconTootie.png IconCrocker.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconFoop.png IconVicky.png IconJorgen.pngmore...

Title card # in Season (Total) Title Original airdate Production code U.S. viewers
Titlecard-A Mile In My Shoes.jpg
8 (21) "A Mile In My Shoes"  (2002-04-26)April 26, 2002 11B N/A
Being jealous at his godparents for their wonderful lifestyle, Timmy becomes a fairy godparent while Cosmo and Wanda become ordinary children. However, Timmy finds out that being a godparent takes more responsibility than he thought.
Starring: IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconTimmy.png IconJorgen.png IconVicky.png more... Headgag: Tire
28 (228) "A Perfect Nightmare" July 30, 2014 141B 2.2[3]
Timmy tries to win a contest by wishing that he had the perfect family.
Absent: Poof
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconDad.png IconSparky.png IconMom.png IconDinkle.png more... Headgag: Toilet
TitleCadrHD ASashAndARash.jpg
8 (251) "A Sash and a Rash" September 12, 2016.[4] 157A 1.5
Chloe thinks she has a stress-caused rash and wishes to be a slacker, but Dimmsdale falls apart without her.
Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png more... Headgag: Chompy the Goat
Titlecard-A Wish Too Far.jpg
5 (5) "A Wish Too Far!"  (2001-04-13)April 13, 2001 3A
Timmy is trying to get the attention of Trixie Tang, the prettiest and most popular kid at Dimmsdale Elementary School. However, she never notices Timmy and regards him as an "empty bus seat", because Timmy and his friends are considered unpopular. So Timmy wishes to be cool, with new clothes and straight teeth, and while at first he manages to impress Trixie and the popular kids, he does so by leaving his old friends behind. After lying to the popular kids about having a party that night at his mansion, Timmy begins to make selfish demands to his godparents to make his lie possible, but ends up almost losing them when he is brought to Fairy World and tried before Jorgen Von Strangle!
Debut Appearance: Trixie Tang, Veronica, Tad, Chad, The Bouncer, Elmer
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconTrixie.png IconVeronica.png IconTad.png IconChad.png IconJorgen.png more... Headgag: Walrus
12 (49) "Abra-Catastrophe!"  (2003-07-12)July 12, 2003 27-29 N/A
Timmy has gone a year without losing his fairies, so he receives a magic muffin that allows him to make one rule free wish. Before Timmy can however, the muffin falls into the wrong hands. First, a lab monkey that wishes the world to be ruled by apes. Not only that, but Mr. Crocker is onto Timmy's fairies, and plots to capture one and use its magic to rule the world.
One Time Appearance: Bippy the Monkey
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconJorgen.png IconCrocker.png IconMom.png IconDad.png more... Headgag: Banana (*)
Titlecard-Action Packed.jpg
5 (18) "Action Packed"  (2002-03-22)March 22, 2002 10A N/A
After watching an action-packed mystery movie, Timmy wishes for an action-packed life. However, it turns into terror when super villain Jorgen captures Cosmo, Wanda, and all of the other fairies, and drains their magic out. ("PG-13 horror" as Timmy calls it, is shown for this part) Timmy must stop Jorgen before he becomes the mightiest fairy in the universe.
One-Time Appearance: Evil Jorgen
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconJorgen.png more... Headgag: Brain
2 (156) "Add-a-Dad"  (2009-08-13)August 13, 2009 102A N/A
Mr. Turner is very busy working, so busy in fact that whenever he and Timmy are doing something fun, Mr. Turner will be called off, abandoning his son. So Timmy finds a solution, to wish up many Dads, so that every time one of them has to leave he will have a replacement, but when the Dads keep leaving, soon there are too many dads, and they all want Timmy!
Starring: IconDad.png IconTimmy.png more... Headgag: Mr. Turner
12 (212) "Anchors Away" July 25, 2014 133B 1.6
Chet Ubetcha sees Timmy's wishes, but before he can tell anyone, the wishes are unwished, causing him to look crazy and lose his job. Mr. Turner becomes the new anchorman. Timmy must get Chet back in order to save the city.
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconChet.png IconDad.png IconMayor.png IconChompy.png more... Headgag: Octopus
TitleCadrHD AnimalCrockers.jpg
10 (253) "Animal Crockers" September 14, 2016[4] 158A 1.4
Chloe wishes that an animal that looks oddly like Mr. Crocker would no longer be endangered. However things get bad, when the one of the Crockeroo's takes Cosmo and Wanda's Wands.


Starring: IconTimmy.png Chloe icon.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconCrocker.png more... Headgag: Crockeroo
1 (155) "Anti-Poof"  (2009-07-10)July 10, 2009 101 N/A
Since all Fairies have an Anti-Fairy counterpart, it was only a matter of time until Poof's was born. Anti-Wanda gave birth to a square-shaped Anti-Fairy baby named Foop! From the moment he was born Foop is already even more intelligent and evil than his father, Anti-Cosmo, and turns on the Anti-Fairies by turning Anti-Fairy World into a colorful place. Soon after, Foop learns about the lack of fanfare surrounding his birth, and learns that his Fairy counterpart Poof was already born before him, stealing the title of first magic baby born in thousands of years. Foop now sets his sights on getting rid of Poof so that he will get all the attention!

First Appearance: Foop

Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconFoop.png IconPoof.png IconAntiwanda.png IconAnticosmo.png more... Headgag: Foop's bottle
8 (8) "Apartnership!"  (2001-04-20)April 20, 2001 4B
While celebrating the wedding anniversary of both his parents and godparents, Timmy is forced to travel to Fairy World when Cosmo leaves Wanda due to a misunderstanding, and returns to his mother, Mama Cosma, who despises Wanda after she "stole" Cosmo from her. In order to win Cosmo back from two girlfriends Mama Cosma was setting up for him, Wanda must compete on a Fairy World game show hosted by the God of Love himself, Cupid.
Debut Appearance: Mama Cosma, Cupid
Starring: IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconMamacosma.png IconCupid.png IconTimmy.png IconMom.png IconDad.png more... Headgag: Octopus
Titlecard-App Trap.jpg
7 (207) "App Trap" June 8, 2013 130B 2.8[6]
Timmy wishes for a cool new smartphone, but its so advanced it might replace his fairies.
One Time Appearance: Chatty
Starring: IconTimmy.png IconCosmo.png IconWanda.png IconPoof.png IconSparky.png IconCrocker.png IconAj.png more... Headgag: Toilet


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