As The Fairly OddParents is translated from English to other languages, different voice actors are selected to perform the characters.

Characters and cast

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Timmy Turner Hebrew (Israel): Shir Cohen (Nick), Dana Semo (Disney Channel); French: Marie-Line Landerwyn (Belgium), Lucile Boulanger (France); German: Hannes Maurer (Season 1-9), Magdalena Turba (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1), Christian Zeiger (Season 10)
Cosmo Hebrew (Israel): Eden Gamliel (Nick), Nisso Shalev (Disney Channel); French: Nessym Guetat (Belgium), Fabrice Josso (France); German: Norman Matt, Mario von Jascheroff (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1)
Wanda Hebrew (Israel): Sapir Darmon (Nick), Dikla Hadar (Disney Channel); German: Ilya Welter, Liane Rudolph (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1)
Chloe Carmichael German: Daniela Reidies
Poof Hebrew (Israel): Orly Katan (Nick), N/A (Disney Channel); German: Katja Liebing
Mrs. Turner Hebrew (Israel): Dorit Tal Shalev (Nick), Hadar Shahaf-Maayan (Disney Channel); German: Michaela Kametz
Mr. Turner Hebrew (Israel): Eldad Prives (Nick), Amnon Wolf (Disney Channel); German: Hans Bayer
Vicky the Babysitter Hebrew (Israel): Dorit Tal Shalev (Nick), Talya Barkai (Disney Channel); French: Veronique Fyon (Belgium), Marie-Eugenie Marechal (France); German: Katja Liebing
Mr. Crocker Hebrew (Israel): Eran Mor (Nick), Gadi Levy (Disney Channel); French: Frederic Meaux (Belgium), Pierre Tessier (France); German: Marcus Off, Uwe Büschken (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1)
Jorgen Von Strangle Hebrew (Israel): Eli Lulai (Nick), Amnon Wolf (Disney Channel); German: Volker Wolf
Tootie Hebrew (Israel): Eden Gamliel (Nick), Naama Uzan (Disney Channel); German: Katja Liebing
Chester McBadbat Hebrew (Israel): Eden Gamliel (Nick), Loren Savir (Disney Channel); German: Julius Heckter, Christoph Banken (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1)
A.J. Hebrew (Israel): Sapir Darmon, Maya Kadosh (Nick), Hadar Shahaf-Maayan (Disney Channel); German: Davide Brizzi
Trixie Tang Hebrew (Israel): Dorit Tal Shalev (Nick), Loren Savir, Naama Uzan (Disney Channel); French: Carole Baleine(Belgium), Marie-Eugenie Marechal (France); German: Sarah Brückner
The Crimson Chin Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Ami Mandelman‏ (Disney Channel); German: Charles Rettinghaus, Volker Wolf (Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary)
Francis Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Mati Atlas (Disney Channel); German: Xavier von Geraschové, Uwe Jellinek (Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 1)
Mark Chang Hebrew (Israel): Eran Mor (Nick), Gilan Shahaf (Disney Channel); German: Patrick Bach
Chip Skylark Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Gilan Shahaf[citation needed] (Disney Channel); German: Johannes Raspe
Anti-Cosmo Hebrew (Israel): Eden Gamliel (Nick), Nisso Shalev[citation needed] (Disney Channel); German: Norman Matt
Anti-Wanda Hebrew (Israel): Sapir Darmon (Nick), Dikla Hadar[citation needed] (Disney Channel); German: Ilya Welter
Foop Hebrew (Israel): Eldad Prives (Nick), N/A (Disney Channel); German: Markus Haase
Mama Cosma Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Adi Arad (Disney Channel); French: Marie-Line Landerwyn (Belgium), Veronique Augereau (France); German: Karyn von Ostholt
Cupid Hebrew (Israel): Saar Badishi (Nick), Nisso Shalev (Disney Channel); German: Andreas Meese
Remy Buxaplenty Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Dor Srugo (Disney Channel); French: Aurelien Ringelheim (Belgium), Axel Kiener, Gabriel Bismuth (France); German: Yoko Nilsen, Dirk Petrick (Country Clubbed)
Juandissimo Hebrew (Israel): Eran Mor (Nick), Mati Atlas (Disney Channel); German: Frank Schaff; French; Belgium: TBA, France: Patrice Bauder
Doug Dimmadome Hebrew (Israel): Yuval Segal (Nick), Ami Mandelman‏ (Disney Channel); German: Heinz Ostermann
Norm the Genie Hebrew (Israel): Saar Badishi (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel)
Dark Laser Hebrew (Israel): Eran Mor (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel); German: Reinhard Schulat-Rademacher, Josef Tratnik (since Season 5)
Elmer Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Adi Arad (Disney Channel)
The Mayor of Dimmsdale Hebrew (Israel): Eldad Prives (Nick), Ami Mandelman‏ (Disney Channel); German: Heinz Ostermann
Chet Ubetcha Hebrew (Israel): Eldad Prives (Nick), Gadi Levy (Disney Channel)
Dr. Bender Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Dor Srugo (Disney Channel)
Principal Waxelplax Hebrew (Israel): TBA (Nick), Adi Arad (Disney Channel); French: Veronique Augereau (France)
Sheldon Dinkleberg Hebrew (Israel): Eli Lulai (Nick), Gadi Levy (Disney Channel); French: Georges Caudron (France)
Binky Abdul Hebrew (Israel): Dorit Tal Shalev (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel)
Jimmy Neutron Hebrew (Israel): Dorit Tal Shalev (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel); German: Ilona Otto
Cindy Vortex Hebrew (Israel): Orly Katan (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel); German: Cathlen Galwich
Carl Hebrew (Israel): Orly Katan (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel); German: Gerrit Schmidt-Foß
Sheen Hebrew (Israel): Saar Badishi (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel); German: Wanja Gerick
Libby Hebrew (Israel): Eden Gamliel (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel); German: Ranja Bonalana
Professor Finbarr Calamitous Hebrew (Israel): Eldad Prives (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel)
Shirley Hebrew (Israel): Eldad Prives (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel)
Turbo Thunder Hebrew (Israel): Saar Badishi (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel)
Destructinator Hebrew (Israel): Saar Badishi (Nick), TBA (Disney Channel)
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