There are quite a few running gags in the show. Below is a list of them and who does it.

Generally used

  • Someone saying, "Curse you (something)!"
  • Someone saying, "Yay (something)!"
  • Someone saying, "Sure, let's go with that."
  • Tibecuador being shown or mentioned after its creation.
  • The characters constantly getting eaten.


  • Making dangerous extreme wishes.
  • Getting angry after Cosmo and Wanda reveal a wish that is against the rules.
  • Breaking the rules, almost losing his fairies in the process.
  • Saying that the things he wishes for come from the internet.
  • "What could possibly go wrong?"


  • Agreeing with Timmy on something that Wanda tries to convince them not to do.
  • Being called an idiot or moron by everyone.
  • Paying more attention to nickels than to anything else.
  • Mentioning food.
  • Talking to inanimate objects.
  • The various disasters he caused while at the Fairy Academy, such as:
    • Summoning a red dragon named "Snowball" that burns down everything.
    • Sinking Atlantis nine times.
    • Being an incredibly bad shot.
  • Getting jealous of Wanda's flirting.


  • Nagging at Timmy and Cosmo.
  • Getting hurt by Cosmo's ignorance.
  • Nobody pays attention to her, especially when she is right.


  • Saying, "Poof, poof."
  • Crying.

Denzel Crocker

  • Going crazy when saying "Fairy godparents!" or giving Fs.
  • Giving Students F, even creating "Super F"
  • Being pointed out that his ear is on his neck instead of his head.


Jorgen Von Strangle

  • Abusing Wanda (formerly), Cosmo (formerly), Binky and others.
    • Blaming Wanda for what isn't her fault.
    • Punching Cosmo when he does something too stupid.
    • Sitting and farting on godparents and godchildren to show discipline and power.
    • Hitting Binky simply because he is angry or anxious.
  • Showing a close up of his butt.
  • Flexing his muscles.
  • Laughing at the expense of others.
  • Whenever he appears, it is usually similar to a nuclear explosion.

Juandissimo Magnifico

  • His shirt ripping and later a new one replaces his ripped shirt.
  • Flexing his muscles.
  • Having a rose come out of nowhere and into his mouth.
  • Flirting with Wanda.

Chester McBadbat

  • Using his teeth and braces to get himself out of scrapes.
  • Mentioning how poor he is.
  • His regular consumption of possi.
  • Owning a fairy and proving to be an amazing fairy godson.


  • Being messed up on something or getting an F because of Timmy.
  • Mentioning his lack of hair.
  • Getting an A and gloating about it for a very long amount of time.

Mr. and Mrs. Turner

  • Completely ignoring Timmy, and going out somewhere (dancing, dinner, etc.).
  • Whenever Mr. Turner sees Sheldon Dinkleberg, he angrily says "Dinkleberg".
  • Overpaying Vicky.
  • Mrs. Turner's continuous failure at raising a garden.
  • Mr. Turner's love of pencils.
  • Nobody knows their first names.

Mama Cosma

  • Making attempts to get Cosmo to leave Wanda.
  • Treating Cosmo like a mama's boy.

Trixie Tang

  • Incorrectly referring to Timmy as "Tommy".
  • Yelling "SECURITY!!!" when Timmy tries to get near her while near other kids.
  • Feeling peer pressured.

Doug Dimmadome

  • Introducing himself or something that starts with "Dimma-" and someone else repeating it as a question, and him repeating whatever he said.
  • The top of his hat will always be offscreen no matter how much the camera zooms out.


  • Calling someone 'Clarice'.
  • Using a high vocabulary that confuses others.


  • Calling someone 'Clarice'.
  • Being subject to mood swings.
  • Getting angry after discovering his name, sometimes, is used to indicate Poof instead of him.
  • Getting attacked or abused by something/someone.

Binky Abdul

  • Getting beaten up by Jorgen.
  • Getting hurt.
  • Doing something incredibly foolish that causes anger from other fairies.

Dark Laser

  • Despite his intimidating appearance, he is very soft when it comes to Flipsie.


  • Getting crazy.
  • Being nice.


  • Licking people.